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  1. I've decided on Rock of Ages for my Steve Byrne tattoo in January. Pretty excited!
  2. this is my goal too. i am - i hope- in his waiting list
  3. I am booked with Steve Byrne in January. Really happy about it. I am having trouble choosing the design though. dagger through roses . anchor and roses in the forearm on the other hand I really want a Rock of ages calf tattoo but I am a bit scared of it! I would love advice - I know that is subjective...
  4. tika

    snake back peice

    I want the book. looks awesome. I wish i was rich...
  5. tika


    Hey @hogg yes I was amazed by his work and personality. so quick! 6 hours with breaks and drinking beer. He makes you feel that he has all the time in the world for you. Top bloke! I wanted him to do my back and waited 6 years but as I saw it wasn't going to happen and i gave up. too complicated as I live in london, he lives in brazil and whenever i go to brazil is to rio, not sao paulo...oh the shame! @kylegrey glad that you liked it
  6. tika


    hey i will put some picts on my profile as i don't want to clutter this thread, cheers I need one of Valrie's healed skull but I don't have any. I hope that she won't mind putting it here
  7. tika


    let me find a picture!
  8. tika

    oni hand jan11

    i love this one! I am the "ivan szazi" girl, hi!
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