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  1. Not yet. I plan to call him on Sunday when I’m off work if it hasn’t improved before then. I did put some antihistamine cream on it and it seems to be getting better though. If it is an allergy, it seems to be very mild and more of an annoyance than anything
  2. I got my first tattoo on my back about 3 weeks ago. The tattoo looks great and seemed to be healing well. Part of it was done with white ink (yes, the artist told me how it fades quickly) and the rest was done in black. It is unfinished right now and I go back in June to have more white and some purple added to it. The issue is that the white portion has turned itchy and I think I may be allergic. It’s slightly raised and a little red around the white ink, and it itches. It isn’t unbearable, but definitely bothersome. If it is an allergy will it go away? If so how long? And should I worry abou
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