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  1. I'm two sessions in on a flora and fauna back piece by Virginia Elwood. The piece is covering up a somewhat ill-advised first tattoo that I got after surviving a very tough year at age 18, and I'm pushing 40 now, so it seemed like a good moment to move onwards and upwards. I'm so in love with how it's coming out. Everyone is right about some of these spots being no joke though — 3-4 hours feels like PLENTY for one day. My next session is this week to add some more creatures in some of the spaces along the sides and hopefully start some shading. Should be "fun"!
  2. Thanks for the welcome! @Hands On Yeah I kept wondering if the back is really that bad, or if I was just getting old and pathetic, or just forgot what it's like since it's been a while (or more likely, all of the above). Glad to hear from others' experiences that it's not just me! @SStu I'm so thrilled to be working with Virginia. She's so incredibly kind, and I'm really excited about the direction she's going in with this piece. I'll post some pictures this week when it's done peeling!
  3. Hi — just joined the forum, though I've learned so much from reading others' experiences. I just started a full back piece by Virginia Elwood this month (two sessions of outlining so far), and I'm so excited to see it come together over the next year. My other pieces are mostly on my thighs and calves, and so far the back seems like a completely different beast. Looking forward to sharing my progress!
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