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  1. I made a short video about my visit to The Ohio Tattoo Museum! Check it out its an enjoyable three minutes. Thanks! http://youtu.be/6Jxdw8XOdv4
  2. SOUTH AMERICA!!! Women, landscape and mystery Need I say More!!!
  3. Jodorowsky is probably one of the biggest influences in Tarot and Film in my opinion. The man's a genius.
  4. Went to the Cleveland Rocks Tattoo Convention last Saturday. A TON of little to no tattoos "Tattoo Artists" Made me so sick to my f'n stomach. I just don't understand some peoples dispositions about wanting to be some sweet tattoo guy w/ no f'n tattoos! Lyle Tuttle was there along with Gil Monte and Philadelphia Eddie. How Dare you show up to work, let only tattoo at a tattoo convention w/ no tattoos. i'm usually keep it cool and mind my own business when it come to what most people do, but when it hurts what I love, I cant sit back. Sometimes I wish there was a congressional committee of sorts that, could take machines away from douchey, untattooed posers. I hate the way it looks. And the simple facts remains, how can anyone trust you to put good tattoos on them if YOU DON'T HAVE ANY! Or how else do you expect to better yourself if YOU DON'T HAVE ANY F'N TATTOOS!!! "oh , yeah I'm tattooed, I got this back piece from like three people that I've been working on for like TEN years" - poser, Literally TEN years, and it's not even 80% done! Give it up and by it I mean your career! Oh, I get it you're so sweet, and understand everything about tattoos , that you dont even need them. Or lemme guess you're waiting on yer homeboy whos got like one good visible tattoo to do some sick sleeve on you right bruh! Bruh you're a fool! F-U! Get out of the business!!!!! Back in the old days ole timers like Eddie would've crushed your f'n hands, burned down your shop, took your girl and tattooed their name on her ass!!! Sorry for being so nasty, but that shit gets me so f'n angry! People sent years perfecting their craft on themselves on hookers on their co-workers, bikers, friends, durggies, and you what wanna use a f'n "tattoo skin" Get the F outta here!!! urrrgh!! Get f'n tattooed or get the f out dumbass! you look like a fool! Quit taking up space for real tattooers!
  5. I just conducted what is known as a "Star Spread" - 5 cards pulled from meditations on the Major Arcana. The exhibition was essentially a raw reflection of my inner being at the time. Cards that loomed over my house over the course of a year leading up to the show The Empress, The Emperor, The wheel, The Devil, The Star and The Chariot (Installation)
  6. -Reallyy???!! Nice!! @BlackVonD I second that! and Welcome to the Forum!!
  7. Paintings from Dustin Nowlin's one man show, The Marseille Companion, in Ohio last May. :p Based on the original Tarot De Marseille Dustin Nowlin - Fine Art
  8. I got my first at 16. it was "Faith" on my torso. It was just the sort of tummy rocker I thought I could live with, without regret and fear of it going out of style. I knew next to nothing bout tattoos or tattooing. Soon after I became an apprentice.
  9. Amusing story indeed! However whenever such a subject comes about, I feel people should replace the ideal of tolerance/intolerance -with ACCEPTANCE and perhaps even forgiveness. Accept one and all as human alike. after all we all die. C/S
  10. Years ago, I used to recommend wrapping but, with the influx of newly unexprienced clientel...I find for the sake of my own business and their health, simple is best. I too fear the 'warm bacteria death trap'. I want to avoid anything that could jepardize my patrons health and I find that allowing the new tattoo to ooze out all day in a vacuum seal doesnt change the fact that your body will scab even in the slightest, to protect itself from bacteria, MRSA, ect. while allowing the new skin cells form above and around the ink. "Clean and Moist" is what I always say, and with that I've gotten the best results. Keep wrapped for x amount of hours (I use Dri-Locks, which find absorb the intial weeping of the tattoo, while not completely cutting off the oxygen -Oxygen is key to celluar regeneration) Clean w/ a mild soap the 1st 3days, then apply non-scented lotion periodiacally and thinnly afterwards to keep the scab from compounding, drying out, getting hard, stubborn or cracking. And allowing it to come off in its own time...gently. Time, heals all wounds. But only if we allow it. I believe like a lot of other tattooers before me, that our bodies are well equip with the capacity for healing tattoos (We have been for centuries), we just have to make sure we allow it to by keeping the area Clean and Moist, and allowing it to get oxygen. Last...I say if its done right, it'll likely heal right. ( granted you keep it clean and out of harms way.) Thankx ;)
  11. Western culture is a culture derived from the collection and seizing of just about every culture. I think it would be best if tattooers simply respect the fundamental value and origins of all tattoo culture. especially when inevitably recreating, paying homage or simply enjoying it.
  12. Cai Guo-Qiang Chinese born contemporary artist, living in NYC. at the Taipei Fine Arts Museum He mostly known for working with gunpowder, he was feature in an episode of Art:21 on PBS called Power. Spectacular Artist in my opinion!
  13. Hello all! My name is Dustin, I tattoo in Ohio. Ive been tattooing for about ten years! Check out my pics, I welcome feedback! I'm new to LST, and tattooing I feel... Looking to make some friends and possibly connect with old friends. Many Thanks, Peace, Love, C/S -Nowlin. EliteLaureltattoos.blogspot.com
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