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  1. Cool! The booth is Shangri-la Tattoo and located on the far right aisle as you walk in.
  2. Yep going Fri and Sat. Getting work done by my artist on Sat. This will be my first convention.
  3. Thanks yes I like this tattoo very much along with the others I got from my artist. However, this is not neo traditional ... but traditional. Neo traditional tend to have more detail along with liberal use of color.
  4. Started out with sleeves myself .. and only afraid of showing my mommy 😆
  5. So, at one time we all had to unveil our work done to family, etc. I have told my ma that I was getting a tattoo and showed her it ... entire inner forearm. And she reacted pretty positively. Strange as she is old (I'm 52 lol) and very conservative. Of course, since then I have gotten quite a bit more done. My plan is to wear long sleeve shirts and roll up to elbows (all work so far on arms) and let her get used to the idea. We are set to all go to Hawaii in June and can't unveil all at once ... she might have a stroke lol. Any strategy advice...? Haha and yes I care, although I'm 52 she still my ma you know? Sent by pecking on phone
  6. Getting a blank page when trying to edit a post as well..
  7. Depending how my arm is postured I do have a couple lines that look a bit janky and think it's due some of this crepey stuff. I did lose a bit of weight and think it factors into it. But I am really happy with the what I got done 🙂
  8. I put lotion on every day due to dry skin. But yea it seems this crepey stuff has creeped up on me. I shouldn't be surprised as I have worked in the sun quite a bit. But I didnt think it would start in my 50s 😞
  9. I'm guessing for us older folks, it's a bit more challenging for artists. I'm close to 52 and have a bit of skin crepey on arms. I would think we are more susceptible to blow outs and harder for line work in skin sag areas. For us olders, what do you think?
  10. 2 months healed. Asked for no fangs.. but may add some what do you think lol
  11. Here is another to share. Excuse my old man skin lol. Little over month healed
  12. Thanks man. I will post another I got in the low down thread stickied above.
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