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  1. I have another appt beginning Oct and will post it as well. I learned quite a bit on this forum about looking at artists work and choosing an artist/shop. Thanks to the forum helping educate this newb 🙂
  2. Thanks guys! I gravitate to old school stuff ... the 50s was my time haha. Here is a better shot I think.
  3. I wanted to share the tattoo I got today from Bryan Randolph at Shangri La Tattoo. I think he did an amazing job. Great artists and shop there! Yes, it's oozing a bit 🙂
  4. Thank you, I will ask my artist.
  5. Dang my tattoo is scheduled this Wed... doubt it would arrive on time. Maybe Walgreens or someplace local to me carries it? Will look around
  6. Hi Dan thanks for the reply! I will check out Saniderm.
  7. Although I have a car, I primarily ride my motorcycle. The artist about 2.5 hrs from me. The tatt will be on inner forearm. I have a riding shirt that will keep off the sun and there's not too much flapping against my arms but yes there will be some. I figure the artist will wrap it right? So no problems on the bike home? Thanks
  8. Thanks guys. I will do saran wrap an A&D ointment. Now to look up and see what A&D is lol
  9. I'm getting my forearm done and afterward I hope I can lift and cycle about 3 or 4 days after. When lifting I figure I could apply some antibiotic healing gel and wrap with fresh guaze? Do the same when cycling but add a sleeve over it to protect from sun. Now I don't work out too intense these days so it's not like I become a dirty sweaty mess during these sessions? Any problem with this? Would hate to take a 3 week break from exercise. Oh.. and plan on getting work done for awhile ...
  10. I am pretty sure I will be going with color ... but a lot of prominent American Traditional artists are also doing black and grey and they look good. So, inappropriate I'm not sure is the word I would use. It seems a lot of artists are doing their interpretation of the style with their own flash designs etc ... but yes I'm aware the the basic rules to the style.
  11. Something like this
  12. So, I have chosen my artist and what tattoo to get. Now ... color or black and grey? Can't seem to decide. The tattoo is American Traditional ... thoughts anyone?
  13. wow man .. .some incredible work there. lots of options ... thanks for those suggestions. i guess it comes down to availability and cost (i know costs shouldnt be ultimate driver - but ... like everyone ... i have budgets lol). if you care to offer any insights on availability of some of these guys, etc ... please PM me. :)
  14. Thanks for the recommendations and I will check them out! I know my location is ideal for finding a great artist but am new to the game ... so in the learning mode for sure.
  15. Do you recommend anyone in particular in SF? I plan on stopping by some shops here in Sac ... and of course am considering those in SF as well.
  16. Britton is great and if choosing artist here in Sac ... think he is the go to for me. The other artist that I originally have been looking at is in SF
  17. So, I want to get old school classic Americana Traditional sleeve. Maybe that style is not current ... but the yester years have always appealed to me. I have found an artist that is phenomenal ... clicks all the boxes. But ... he is 1.5 years out for appointment ... and yes really expensive. 400/hr. Am I crazy to put deposit down and wait ... or should I consider other artists? I am located in Sacramento area and have considered The Royal Peacock and The American Tradition. But their work is slightly different .. and me bringing work in from another artist and asking them to nail certain differences ... seems like a risk... and maybe not the right thing to do.
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    Thanks man ... will do
  19. I plan on at least a 4 hr session. I have a medium sized tat done about 25 yrs ago and can't remember how it felt getting it at all ... I think I should not be a p@#ssy and such it up .... but what am I signing up for no idea. Want to go half sleeve wrist to elbow
  20. Not sure how my wife will feel about me getting inked up ... want sleeves. Maybe I should talk to her first? .... naw ... lol
  21. I have reached out to some good artists and boy they are booked ... like several years in advance and charge lotsa moola that's above my pay grade. So it's not just finding someone but someone who is reasonably accessible as well that I'm finding
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    Dang ... ok will do 🙂
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    I cant seem to post a thread unless its here in initiation?
  24. Am planning to visit The American Traditional and Royal Peacock next. I am willing to travel for good work of course!
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