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  1. May try Tylenol then. I asked and she said I could take ibuprofin, aleve or a non drowsy claritin. May just do the tylenol since it wont thin the blood.
  2. Hey everyone, New here and wanting to introduce myself and maybe pick your brains for advice. Got a tattoo on my back shoulder about 10 years ago and decided to take the plunge on a full sleeve. Got line work done on first piece and went in for second session which was supposed to be 5-6 hours. All going good and about an hour in my artist tells me she can no longer continue because I have sensitive skin, am swelling too much and bleeding. Had a more technical answer about ink and plasma but cant remember exact words. Told me to stop drinking caffeine and start taking collagen. I have been and go back next Saturday. My question is first, has anyone ever heard of swelling too much DURING the session? I understand after but to stop seems hard to find info about. Second, any tips or ideas to reduce swelling while I am midsection next sat? I hate having an incomplete piece and having to wait for the next session to finish. She is so busy after this next one I have scheduled I have to wait until October to get in again. Dont want to wait 2 months with a half finished piece of a sleeve tattoo. I thought maybe taking an ibuprofen before I go in to help reduce swelling but im all ears. Thanks guys.
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