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  1. @Laurenellen1209@suburbanxcore I think you'd better leave the topic, otherwise this pointless argument will go on forever...
  2. warrug25

    Huge scabs

    As far as I know lost ink can be touched up after you heal... right now I would just let your forearm heal and in the mean time I think you should ask the person who tattooed you which inks he used, so that if you decide to have some parts reworked you can just go to other artists and ask them (I am not sure they will accept to work on another artist's tattoo... but maybe if you tell your story they could accept).
  3. I will not even try to explain how statistics works, nor will I point out again that what I wrote is based on peer-reviewed scientific papers... what I care about is that @2pnt0 got my recommendation about good activities to chill out (and possibly also the one about the fact that benzodiazepines are not something people should take carefreely...).
  4. Please, if there is something you want to say then say it: what's the point of writing "Uh-huh" and laughing emoticons? (I think all of this is going really off-topic, by the way...)
  5. I never say anything about things I don't know or I can't verify (with researches and scientific data, for example).
  6. You can find what I said about benzodiazepines in the sheet that comes with every benzodiazepines pack (I can take a photo of the ones I have if you want... but it's not in english, so you would probably have to translate). As for what I wrote about USA citizens swallowing benzodiazepines like candies: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/30554562/ https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/nhsr/nhsr137-508.pdf https://www.cureus.com/articles/60414-benzodiazepine-misuse-an-epidemic-within-a-pandemic If needed I can explain what these papers report.
  7. @2pnt0 the tattoo is nice to be honest, and I'm relatively sure you will appreciate it someday... for the moment just try to be calm and to avoid falling into a spiral of panic and regrets. Having a glass of wine or listening to some relaxing music may be good ideas to chill out (just please don't take a Xanax if it's not really necessary: USA citizens tend to swallow those pills as if they were candies, but benzodiazepines - listen to a person who knows it personally - are not something that you can mess with, if nothing else because they cause addiction), and probably mindfulness/meditation techniques and sometimes emotional unloading (e.g. expressing your fears to someone you trust) would be even better.
  8. Personally, I don't think I would get a tattoo if it didn't have any special meaning to me... but I acknowledge that many people (probably the vast majority of people) get tattooed just because they like some design, so I would say that the only thing you can do is talk to yourself and understand whether you are a "deep meaning tatto person" or not.
  9. Yes, it will even out. And yes, new tattoos are always more intensely-coloured than settled tattoo.
  10. Can't give you an expert opinion (@Hogrider already did it anyway, so you can be good from that point of view), but I can tell you that my humble and absolutely inexperienced tattoo-looking eyes really like what they see: it's a very nice and someway sweet tattoo. Would you share - here or in private messages, whichever you prefer - the meaning and the story behind it (if any) with me?
  11. Your mind is not everybody's mind: you don't necessarily need to understand why, just acknowledge that it can happen.
  12. They already told you, but I want to repeat: if you feel like this, do not get a tattoo. Please, don't take that as a dismissive, who-cares answer: it's actually the most caring thing someone could recommend you, because if the fear you experience is strong enough to make you write about it on a public forum then it's not so unlikely that it would make you regret (really, strongly regret: a deep, encysted fear is not something you should underestimate) getting a tattoo.
  13. I'm not sure it would work: the silhouette of THAT dog would look just like a big black sausage (or a huge, possibly melanoma-related, mole) on your arm. By the way: I don't want to be pedantic, but the correct name of the dog breed is Dachshund 😉
  14. @MakaveliX just a suggestion: as you may know, an artist is an artist because he does not just draw/paint/play/write, but rather he creates images/music/words, which means that you can search your own designs and we could suggest other ones but I think that you should also ask your artist and listen to what he has in mind, maybe give him a theme or a suggestion an see what he comes up with.
  15. What @Hogrider said: I'm sure you would be trading one mess for another.
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