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  1. Thank you 🙌 I still think it looks good and not sure I want to do anything about it, just purely curious what can be the cause of this 😊 If it was the problem with the color I would expect it to change to the same degree everywhere, but I don't have any knowledge regarding tattooing, so wanted to ask people who have some
  2. a year 😄😄 so definitely not so fresh
  3. haha no, tried to make another photo and put a bit more contrast, so maybe it will be more visible, it's the uneven colour I'm talking about
  4. on all the green, blue and violet parts on the healed tattoo 🙂 (face (legs as well, but are out of focus), neck, middle triangle)
  5. It definitely isn't 😄 The fresh tattoo didn't have any brown on the green, blue and violet, but it became this way almost immediately (I remember I was waiting for it to scab off during the healing, but it never happened, it became this way during the saniderm phase and I was religiously covering it from the sun). Wonder if it's possible that my skin just reacted with hyperpigmentation. Glad that it looks as if it's intended though 😊
  6. Hi everyone! I adore my tattoo, but I'm puzzled about what could possibly cause some coloured parts to have brown spots, is it ink or my skin? Can it be fixed? Can't find any helpful information on this topic, so just hoping that someone may know :) Thanks!
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