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  1. thank you baby jesus i came up to my desk this morning on a mission to reassure myself i wasn"t going to hafta lose my freakin leg!!!! since july 4th ive had 2 sessions 1 for 10 hrs & the other 8. The initial pain of the tattoo itself was nothining like i experienced before(full sleeved both arms). the 1st session was excruciating considering i look forward to ink time cause its generally only time i can catch a nap.....but with legs only time my eyes closed was squencing in pain. but my biggest concern that brought me here today was an absolute rush of pain when i woke up and got out of bed or up from my recliner. this shit is for the F***ing birds!!!! i had plans for my other leg & to be perfectly honest for the 1st time EVER i wasn't even looking forward to session 2 to fininsh my leg. im almost a full week into 2nd session complete & seems like the rush of pain & the swelling gets worse every morning....needless to say im probably 90% convinced that im going to die with 1 plain leg.
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