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  1. That guys is covered with crap whats some more crap on his leg lol
  2. Believe me I'd like to travel to other shops and learn all that i can. But I'm far too busy at the shop to do so. I never thought such a small question could be such a big deal.
  3. Actually there is myself and the owner of the shop. If we knew the answers to this I wouldn't bother with asking on this site. I can't go get tattooed at another shop because around here none of the shops are on good terms with each other. Its the one thing I hate about the tattoo scene here. Everyone is a dick to each other. If I step foot in another shop they get all pissy about you being an artist coming in their shop. Hell I seem to be getting a little heat from a few of you here. I understand you guys have the occasional scratched come on here trying to learn to tattoo. I was once a scrat
  4. Well where is a site I can get this answered? When I went through my apprenticeship I was told some people just don't take ink and nothing can be done. He was a terrible teacher and I believe he has to be wrong. I hope somebody will be able to answer this problem, I want to be ready for the next person that comes along.
  5. OK this has happened only a couple times, but I have had people that won't take ink during the tattooing process. Its like there skin just won't be tattooed. I'll change inks needles machines voltage nothing works. Anyone else have this problem and anyone know why this happens.
  6. I had this woman come in for her foot tattoo after she worked all day. They smelled like cheese that went bad in a hatchback in Arizona . All the green soap in the world wouldn't get rid of that smell. I had to breathe through my mouth and was haunted by the smell for days after.
  7. Tribal and roses are the most common in my shop. I have used koi fish with good results. I usually try to use the original and sculpt it into what they want. It can be quite difficult. I turned a dream catcher armband into a dragon on a cliff and covered the armband part with "happy trees" from the bob Ross panting show. A 7mag worked great lol
  8. I have a ciferri color packer I'd trade for it
  9. I love them. Cause they have to always get them covered up and that's money in my pocket lol
  10. I did a mayonnaise jar with the smashing pumpkins logo inside. Also did a plus sign under an eye about the size of a half dollar.
  11. I have had girls cry over rib age. Dudes scream during bicep. The ankle seems pretty rough for all.
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