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    Not a whole lot of tattoos, but love the ones I do have and I don't see myself ever getting sick of getting more ink! Good ink isn't cheap so I am all about making sure I know what I want and who is tattooing me! I think its sad tattoos are looked down upon and I hate being judged for being a tattooed female, but I think things are getting better and hopefully more accepted!
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    Motorcycles, freestyle jet ski, boating, volunteer work with animals
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  1. Was told by some artist that my bunny wouldn't be able to be covered unless it had some laser 1st...and then others have said my only option was a flower...I didn't want any of those options....I wanted a leopard/african theme and finally found someone that could do it. Most people don't see the bunny, but I can see it slightly since I know its there...but I just got this last month so I plan on getting touched up...but here is how it turned out, I am so happy with it! Sorry for some minor crack!
  2. Hello everyone! Newbie to the forum but I have a huge love for the tattoo community! Glad I found a place where I feel like I belong and won't be judged for having ink. Uploaded some of my ink pics in my gallery so feel free to check it out, can't wait to check out everyone's tattoos! M <3
  3. Mason

    1st tattoo ever

    Yes the typical Playboy bunny tattoo! I got this for when I went to the playboy mansion, it meant a lot to me and still does, but i was ready to cover it up!
  4. Mason

    Lower Hip

    La Famiglia " The Family " in Italian
  5. Mason


    Live Fast Die Pretty
  6. Mason

    Rib Script

    Live Fast Die Pretty
  7. Mason

    Before and After

    Before and After leopard/african theme
  8. this is my 1st day with the cover up tattoo I got back in April
  9. Mason

    Finally All Healed

    1st picture with my back all healed. May have to go back for touch ups, but I am so happy with it!
  10. Thank you for checking out my profile, check out my ink and let me know what ya think!:cool:

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