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  1. Finished my back with Alex Binnie a little over a year ago.. probably 7 sittings that were roughly 3hrs each. The second photo is George Bone tattooing me about a month after my back was finished. I'll post some proper, healed photos sometime.
  2. Coming September 2016! More info will be posted on the paulsaycefilms Instagram page.
  3. Into You in London is closing after 23 years -
  4. Paul Sayce and I are working on two films at the moment. The Paul Sayce Interviews is Paul interviewing tattooers who predominantly started tattooing in the 1960's/70's (Dennis Cockell and Ed Hardy so far, with more to come.) Also we've filmed a part for a bonus/extra feature about Jock of Kings Cross. And another bonus/extra part with Duncan X talking about learning to tattoo from Dennis Cockell in the 1990's. The Paul Sayce Footage will be highlights from the hundreds of hours of footage Paul has taken throughout the last 30 or so years. Near enough none of which has been seen by the general public. For now I won't say what will likely be on it, but as we get further I'll post here and on Instagram - http://instagram.com/paulsaycefilms
  5. Third sitting a few days ago with Alex Binnie at Into You in London - http://instagram.com/p/49omsFvqzZ/
  6. Damn! Am I getting trolled on LST? I'm 6' 1". 6 hours (or thereabouts) isn't particularly outrageous for my entire back/backside, I would say.
  7. Second sitting with Alex Binnie at Into You. Mainly on my backside, but also lower back, and some further up. This sitting was probably about 3 hours of tattooing, bringing the total tattooing time for the two sittings to around 6-7 hours.
  8. I don't think I posted the lithograph I bought from Trevor/Ed at last year's London convention. But here it is - Nurse Mercy.
  9. Mine put her glasses on, asked if it said "mum", I said "yes", she slightly sighed and hasn't mentioned it since :D
  10. Mine. Healed/hairy. By Bert Krak, done at Frith Street.
  11. I started my back last Thursday with Alex Binnie at Into You in London. The snakes head, and the maple leaves were stencils, and the snakes body was drawn on. The outline will continue onto my backside, and will be done next time. The time tattooing was roughly between 3 1/2 - 4 hours.
  12. @Marwin3000 Tattooing The Invisible Man is my favourite, but the most expensive. It focuses on his life and works - 1955-99. Beyond Skin is about paintings, drawings, prints, flash, etc. And Wear Your Dreams is his memoir. All definitely worth getting.
  13. @chrisnoluck thanks for brining the thread back with style.
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