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  1. That's great, two appointments - ouch, are they both on the same day?
  2. Now that we are in February is it acceptable to start looking forward to Brighton Tattoo Convention?! I've got an appointment with Steve Byrne, so that's going to be awesome! Has anyone else got appointments sorted out yet?
  3. Mega excited that I have managed to get an appointment with Steve Byrne at the Brighton Convention next year! I'm normally not quick enough off of the mark with things like this but I was up at 5am feeding our bambino, saw his IG post and jumped on it without really thinking too much!
  4. Managed to sneak in a small appointment with Paul Dobleman later on this afternoon :-) a little banner with my sons name, to celebrate 5 weeks of having him in our life's! Looking forward to plenty more sleepless nights to come!
  5. I'm going on the Sunday, I can't wait to see the Ed Hardy Exhibition. I'm trying to decide if I should try and get tattooed or not, I'm trying to save for my back piece which I started saving for last year before I fell pregnant. We had our son 1 month ago (the most amazing thing I've ever done in my life) but I last got tattooed by Bert Krak roughly 1 year ago so the temptation to cave in and get a little something is strong!!
  6. @Shaggy @misterJ, Thanks for taking the time to offer some advice, it's much appreciated :-) I'm planning on mentioning a back piece next time I'm getting tattooed and take it from there. I don't want to be a customer that messes people around so want to make sure I can commit to regular sessions etc Hopefully this time next year I might be posting some progress shots Thanks again for the advice :-)
  7. This is such a brilliant thread, definitely one of my favourites. I'm thinking about a back piece myself. Unfortunately the tattoo fund was well and truly emptied at the London Tattoo Convention this year. My plan is to become a hermit for the next 6 months or so and save as much as I can, so hopefully I can start thinking about making plans mid way through 2015. Does anyone have any advice about the best way to go about getting the ball rolling with a back piece? Is it better to speak to your tattooer well in advance about possible ideas? I have two tattoos on my lower back, both roughly palm size, which may throw a spanner in the works - I didn't want to get 6 months down the line with a certain idea in my head only to find it's totally not do-able. At the same time I know how valuable a tattooer's time is and I don't want to stroll in and start pestering him about a back piece that could be at least 6 months away if not more? What do you guys think?
  8. mega excited to be able to say that I have an appointment with Valerie Vargas tomorrow, managed to bag a cancellation :-)
  9. Not sure if Next is just a shop that we have in the UK but they are selling really nice harem pants, not the scary MC Hammer style, I've just had my knees tattooed and they have been a life saver.
  10. Tattoo Life and Somerset House are running an Exhibition called Time Tattoo Art Today from the 3rd July - 5th October. Looks like it will be great, roll on July!
  11. Thanks @Daggboy, I've just seen a tweet from the London Tattoo Convention that confirms the exhibition will run from July - October. I'll have a look at that thread now @irezumi, probably should have looked there first!
  12. Ahhh, so jealous I bet they are awesome!! A Pharoh's Horses is definitely on my list. ROA is one my favourite traditional tattoos, can't beat them! I've just realised I'm derailing the thread a bit so I'm going to shut up / stop typing now.
  13. Thanks, I have another tattoo from Paul too, hopefully I'll manage to get tattooed by him again at the London Convention. He does seem like a really nice guy. What pieces do you have from Paul? - - - Updated - - - Thanks very much @Zillah :D
  14. I'm always amazed by the awesome tattoos that are posted in this thread, I thought I'd have a go myself. Apologies for flashing so much of my underwear. This was done by Paul Dobleman while doing a guest spot at Frith Street.
  15. I'm halfway through the catalogue and my mind has been blown, it's so much more than I expected. If any one is thinking about ordering but hasn't done it yet - hurry up and do it!
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