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    "The anxiety of being a cyborg really wasn't really there. It was kind of exciting. I'm not only human; I'm also mechanical."
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    Cats. Hospitals. Baking. Twin Peaks.
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  1. Yes, I was talking about it being rare to be heavily tattooed in the legal community. I know a lot of lawyers with one or two smaller tattoos. There's quite the "tattooed lawyer community" here if they were able to publish a book about it with just defense lawyer tattoos. But I only know of my 2 friends and I who are heavily tattooed. My one friend had full sleeves while my other did as well. She also just got her head tattooed. I would guess that's rare, but like that one article suggests, you never know what's hiding under not only suits, but judicial robes. I'd like to think there ar
  2. I need more caffeine/discretion, because I totally clicked that and then was confused when nothing loaded.
  3. haha I love this whole post. /unhelpful contribution.
  4. Hey there! Yes, I have to say, it's rare. Or at least, I don't know of the tattooed lawyers. Perhaps they're hiding them under their suits. I did hear that they published a book of tattooed criminal lawyers here, but the tattoos seemed.... Well. I'll let that go unfinished, as I'm in this legal community. Making the case for tattoos No offense to them. It's awesome that they did that. It's true, though. At least we had we 3 in our law school. I'm still really good friends with one of them from my law school.
  5. I took a photo of my progress... but it's very goopy. I probably shouldn't have been so excited to take a photo. So I suppose one should click at his or her own risk of goopiness. Sorry! I'm excited to keep going though!
  6. I went to law school and during my time there, I was one of 3 people at the law school with a ton of tattoos. Most people I end up dating are pretty clean-cut, especially since my social circle tends to be lawyers. I think I only ever dated one person ever with any tattoos, and he only had one. One of my thigh pieces has a contingent of military men and a nurse all wearing gas masks. I told my tattoo artist that I think I had significantly reduced my dating pool. He told me that I probably didn't want to be dating anyone who didn't like my tattoos anyway. Probably true. I'd like to agre
  7. Well, if you're a fan of someone as an artist and not simply looking to get any artwork, it makes sense to pay the price they're charging to have a piece of their work. This is like asking why would you pay the price for a Dali (or what have you) when there's any amount of artists whose artwork go for less on the market. Likely, it's because you particularly want that person's piece of work. We all get tattoos for different reasons. Different strokes and all.
  8. pikacat


    This will be a dumb question, but what happened to my post with my photos? Did I somehow break the post?
  9. pikacat

    Tim Lehi

    You know this, but you have incredible work done.
  10. pikacat


    Alice is amazing! I feel privileged to have that as a piece of me. I can't wait to have a full back of her work.
  11. I love this thread -- but that last piece in particular is everything to love about a big bad wolf.
  12. pikacat


    Alice Kendall is doing my back piece. She also did my surgery tattoo. Let's see. I don't have great photos. I'll try and post some. this is by Mike V here in Portland. That's the thigh piece Alice did right before my surgery. Sadly, I don't have a photo of it now that it's all done in color. But it's done true to the Ray Caesar work, if anyone's familiar with it. I apologize that my best photos of it are when it's all wrapped up and still half done. It's just been difficult to photograph.
  13. pikacat


    Hi! I found this forum googling experiences for full back pieces. I just started mine, I'm about 6 hours in. In fact, just had my second session today. I saw an old thread from about a year ago and it was nice to see some similar thoughts to mine. Then I kept reading up on this forum, and I thought I'd join and say "Hi." I'm 32 and in Portland, OR, and I got my first tattoo at around 15. A little bit ago, I went through this health issue where I thought it was pretty certain that I couldn't get tattooed again. I have a complex heart defect and there's all these worries with complex he
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