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  1. I have the feeling he just phrased it awkwardly. I guess he meant "irrelevant" are suggestions for places to fix it in America, because he can't get there. Doesn't fixes the other parts. But anyways, for a lot of families the tattoo is rather fitting: -not exactly what you ordered -even it is some sort of shitty, you are stuck with it... 😉
  2. That's part of the vacuum casting machine. To get the bubble of the mold material. This guy explains it nicely: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdxiZs0MDbs The orange thing behind it, is the kiln.
  3. Yes, all the metal (titanium) is now sitting on my desk and was removed a while ago. The scare tends to be very sensitive form time to time (depending on weather and temperature). And I was lucky after the accident, so I gut to surgery fast enough and hat a really skilled surgeon.
  4. Well, not that recently, but the idea was "Nah, snow is gone long enough, I'll be fine to go to the train station by bicycle..."
  5. I needed Tables/Workbeches for my new workplace. Since I couldn't find suitable ones, I made them myself, so they would use the available space as best as possible
  6. Maybe find an ambigram artist, which does something like: reading "luck/home/..or simillar" form others and (overhead or mirrored) "mom" or her first name". I know, will not be a big or realistic, just another idea
  7. Ah, sorry didn't mentioned, that I was not even thinking to get the palm or inner side of the finger done. Ans thanks for the pic. From what I see (what I glimpse of your thumb) you are quite used to do work with your hands (other than using the PC keyboard) Also I have a light vibe of this now :-): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2iZjxSGca8
  8. OK, I know there are tons of advises why it is a bad idea to get the first (in my case probably only) tattoo on fingers. I have thought quite a while about it and have taken in account all things about social/employment and pain related. Yeah it is the ring finger because I'm married (long time, btw) So the remaining questions so far: As to the fading caused by sunlight I read two different things a) fades fast and certainly when exposed before healing and some time after b) fades in any case just slower, if kept out of sunlight first weeks So plan is to get the tattoo in the beginning of the dark time of the year, where I can manage to have it covered some weeks and also haven't much craftmenship in that season And I have a bit of difficulties on how to find the right studio (not much artwork to do, it's just 2 letters in a fictional language). But I may be to stupid to do my internet search (again) or it is sparse in my region (Germany, Wolfsburg-Brunswick-Hildesheim-Hannover). Or it is hard to find someone experienced in works on fingers without personal contact. I have a recommendation for Berlin, but I'd like to have someone more closely to where I travel regularly, because of the expected touch-ups. I hope I didn't miss something obvious… or some wrote some other stupid things, I could have figured out myself.
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