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  1. Sounds like you're doing it right. Pays to know the practices and reputation of any service provider before contracting for that service.
  2. Hi!

    Great story and good fortune with snatching the Vargas cancellation slot.
  3. Welcome Richt. Good to have you here.
  4. First ink was a butterfly on the left shoulder blade. Drew it myself and the tat master in Monterrey transferred the lines to vellum or some other type of trace paper and then onto my back. Me and two friends went in together for different designs. Of my friends choices, my favorite was Fat Freddy's Cat in full "bat out of hell" repose.
  5. Neat, new look for a Kewpie!
  6. Have enjoyed rummaging around this site. Got my first tatoo in Monterey, CA, (Cannery Row) back in '76.
  7. Neat web site. Look forward to using it.

  8. Nice presentation of work. Good website organization, easy to get around, not cluttered.