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  1. That's exactly what I thought when it was done. Which is why I want to fill it out.
  2. im from SE Iowa in Ottumwa but going to school in Des Moines. To answer that last question though im not into any style really. I like the classic style and I like that unreal style too. Its kinda whatever I feel. In the past I've gotten tattoos that have to do with family but now im just looking for things that just look good and that catches the eye. Though im not sure if I want color or not for the rest of the sleeve. That's my biggest delima. Im think a dark background Filler would look good but not sure how to fill it. Though a theme im looking into is the whole life cycle. Really into the beauty of life and new life yet entreaged(not sure how to speel that) with death. So that's a possibility. One idea I have is have a colored start like I have then end with black and what at the bottom. Idk. Opinions?
  3. It's just so hard to wait if you know what I mean lol
  4. I recently got this tattoo on my last birthday. The artist didn't exactly do as I wanted, he was arrogant on what he wanted to do but that's besides the point. I really enjoy this tattoo but I found that I don't like how much empty space there is on my arm. I was thinking about either putting in a dark background filler or possibly adding even more color as a filler. Eventually this will be a full arm sleeve. So any ideas, thoughts or comments? All is welcome.
  5. I think my first time seeing a tattoo I was young. Maybe 10 or 11. But I understood the meaning, plus it looked cool I had to admit. I knew from then I wanted a tattoo. Then I added another and another. So now I'm hoping to be covered with tattoos before I die. But I gotta remember to go slowly, and that I have the rest of my life ahead of me :)
  6. Ahhhhahahaha funny but true.
  7. I enjoy the system that the gallery has now. You can find the "most liked" or the "highest rated" tattoos first as long as you hit the right buttons? What's wrong with that? Though maybe "minimum likes" needs to be required whereas a pic with 5 stars rating and only one vote can't be the first picture. I don't know, just thought Id' put in my own opinion.
  8. Really like the dark shadding. Looking forward to the outcome!
  9. I think I pissed myself when I watched this trailer for the first time. Huge superhero fan. Though does having money really count towards being a superhero? Either way batman is the man.
  10. I know I have only gotten a few but if your in central Iowa check out Urbandale's Big Foot Tattoo's. My absolute favorite place to go and Carrie Black does a wonderful job. Other friends all have gone to her and we would all agree.
  11. I personally love it!! I miss Zim, Glad to see the show on Netflix though. With my first post on this site decided to enter this contest (why not) Simple but interesting tattoo, personal favorite of my own if I might say
  12. My personal favorite. For my sister the Salvador Dali Elephant
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