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  1. I'm getting tattooed by Dirk Reuter in about 3 weeks and by Aaron Coleman in July! Stoked already! :)
  2. Check out: Mr. Probz - The Treatment
  3. Not nearly as good as the stuff you guys put out, but here are two small paintings I did last week.
  4. Got this indian girl done by Greg Christian at the London Tattoo Convention. Got tattooed by Seth Ciferri also, I'll post a tattoo from that later cause it's still healing.
  5. Probaly already mentioned, but Tim Hendricks does some pretty rad King Cobra's every now and then!
  6. Ok ok haha! I would love to know that to.
  7. You hit the nail on the head Sean! Goofy but awesome that's why I love it to! I don't know the origin of it, but it probaly has to do with that Felix is a black cat? Plus one of the episodes in the cartoon is called ''Friday the 13th''. That's with what I can come up with.
  8. I got the whistling Felix the Cat on top of a 13!
  9. I did almost everything you said there David. I can't find an direct e-mail adress from Oliver unfortunately, I actually was hoping someone on here maybe had it. So next thing to do is call the shop indeed, thanks all! :)
  10. Hey all, I hope this is the right place for me to post this. I'm trying to get in touch with Oliver Peck, to maybe get tattooed by him at the London Convention. I know it's hard to get ahold of him, but maybe somebody on here is tattooed by him and know a way I can reach him. I've already tried Facebook and Instagram without success haha...
  11. I'm getting tattooed by Seth Ciferri and Greg Christian on the upcoming London Convention. I'm getting the Cross and Crown symbol by Seth and a design based on Bert Grimm's Sundander by Greg. Pretty stoked!!!
  12. I'm really curious about who did this? - - - Updated - - - I'm really curious about who did this?
  13. I'm getting tattooed by Tim Hendricks at the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum 2 weeks from now. It's gonna be a pirate-lady head based on the famous Bert Grimm flash piece.
  14. I'm planning on getting a Rock of Ages done. Now I've got an appointment with Tim Hendricks at the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum in September and it would be awesome if he could do it on me. I'm in doubt though... Doesn't this design need more space?
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