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    Getting back to what really matters in life, and what makes me happy. I am an aspiring Tattoo artist, currently apprenticing. Also getting married in a Year!!
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    Central Texas
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    Art (drawing & Painting), Tattooing and Football
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    Transportation (Truck Driver)
  1. TexasJay80

    Choosing your first tattoo

    On my Left hand I did it myself, wanted something for protection, but mysterious at the same time. I am happy with it. Did the eye of Horus / Ra
  2. TexasJay80

    img 1730

    Got the OK from my mentor to do a tattoo so did myself this one.
  3. TexasJay80

    tattoo 2

    Something I came up with
  4. Great site, greater interviews, I know your so busy and stuff but I live in Texas and see that not alot of Texas shop and artist get on the map as much as others. Now I no expert just wanted to know is it just that there are not that many good artist in Texas, or something else. Just wondering??

  5. TexasJay80

    anyone have some random tattoo ideas?

    I guess if your that open minded about if you find a shop you feel good about, or artist just ask them what they like to do and show them the area. I bet he/she would like that.
  6. TexasJay80

    New found Happiness

    I am not really an artist just got back into to art after 10+ yrs of just working so much that I lost touch w/ that part, I am relearning art, and drawing again.
  7. TexasJay80

    cartoon 1

    more art work
  8. TexasJay80

    animal 1

    more art work
  9. TexasJay80

    animal 2

    my art work
  10. TexasJay80

    tattoo 1

    my art work
  11. TexasJay80

    New found Happiness

    Hello everyone, my name is Jay I am from Texas, just been checking out the place here and love the videos and info on here. I am a truck driver by trade but always loved the art aspect of tattooing and how someone can commit to something like that. I currently do not have any, haven't had something important enough to put on myself. Now I am back into art and things like that I have found a new chapter in life and things, and will soon be getting some. Hello all and good day.