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    Getting back to what really matters in life, and what makes me happy. I am an aspiring Tattoo artist, currently apprenticing. Also getting married in a Year!!
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    Central Texas
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    Art (drawing & Painting), Tattooing and Football
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    Transportation (Truck Driver)

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  1. On my Left hand I did it myself, wanted something for protection, but mysterious at the same time. I am happy with it. Did the eye of Horus / Ra
  2. TexasJay80

    img 1730

    Got the OK from my mentor to do a tattoo so did myself this one.
  3. TexasJay80

    tattoo 2

    Something I came up with
  4. Great site, greater interviews, I know your so busy and stuff but I live in Texas and see that not alot of Texas shop and artist get on the map as much as others. Now I no expert just wanted to know is it just that there are not that many good artist in Texas, or something else. Just wondering??

  5. I guess if your that open minded about if you find a shop you feel good about, or artist just ask them what they like to do and show them the area. I bet he/she would like that.
  6. I am not really an artist just got back into to art after 10+ yrs of just working so much that I lost touch w/ that part, I am relearning art, and drawing again.
  7. TexasJay80

    cartoon 1

    more art work
  8. TexasJay80

    animal 1

    more art work
  9. TexasJay80

    animal 2

    my art work
  10. TexasJay80

    tattoo 1

    my art work
  11. Hello everyone, my name is Jay I am from Texas, just been checking out the place here and love the videos and info on here. I am a truck driver by trade but always loved the art aspect of tattooing and how someone can commit to something like that. I currently do not have any, haven't had something important enough to put on myself. Now I am back into art and things like that I have found a new chapter in life and things, and will soon be getting some. Hello all and good day.
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