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  1. Hi guys, A few months back I got this peony in a water brushed technique in black and grey I wasn't happy with the shading on the in the centre and how it looks similar to a crooked smiley face so I decided to add color and still wasn't too happy. I have since added a Black grey Koi and background and it does not seem to much the dark blacks and looks way to light. My artist has said he will touch it up and reline it with thicker lining just seeing if you think a darker shade of red will do the job or go to a different artist and see what they can do maybe rework it any thoughts? heres some
  2. Thanks guys, I will let him do what he wants. I wasn't judging its something I think he hasn't thought through properly though
  3. My 63yr old dad is keen on getting some small script writing on his Inner Wrist so he can cover it with a watch so my mum cant see lol :). I have told him not to get a showy tattoo for his first piece of work when he has his whole body to work with plus he wont be able to cover it with a watch straight after it gets done anyway Any thoughts or just let him do what he wants and let him regret it if he does not like it as I have been through the whole 9 yards good tats, laser & coverups over the years and know what your first tattoo can do to you mentality when your not used to ink on your
  4. Looking for any source material for flash pictures of Pinup Girls planning on getting one the beginning of next year and looking for a real sexy one Cheers,
  5. I havent been around these parts for a while. I finally got my final coverup I needed done finished about 9 days ago not a world class work but I am happy with the work for a small cheap studio in Australia and it looks alot better than what it did and I can wear a singlet now for the first time in 5 years. Heres some before and after shots of the Oversied Kanji Coverup/Background work Before After
  6. @David Flores I agree I am not one to stereotype myself but was going to say the same thing. I am a swinger and frequent parties that are open to let gay guys in and the younger generation 20-40 have a lot of tribal work done. The older guys 50+ have a lot for boss old school work all over them. I actually had a good chat to one recently about his tats.
  7. I just thought I would bring this up and see your thoughts. Doesn't it shit you when people try to come up with there own definition of what certain Tattoos symbolise. I rarely ever show off my ink in the daytime as I don't want them to fade from the sun. but yesterday I was walking around with a wifebeater singlet. I had some idiot that lives around the corner go out of his way to say to me I must be gay because I have a koi fish half sleeve and if not why would I get a homosexual tattoo. I don't care about uneducated peoples opinions and I love the work on it so I was more so insulted kno
  8. Its only got the artist's name as Diva in the photos I haven't been in the shop yet to find out. Go to Facebook... Type in Pretty in Ink Tattoo And in one of the first 5 links it should give you this one.. Pretty In Ink Tattoo Studio. Sydney Australia 986 Victoria rd West Ryde · Sydney, Australia · 2445 Tattoo & Piercing 147 were here · 1,302 likes · Opens at 11:00 am Click on it and look through all the photos you like...
  9. Happy to Travel interstate if it was a artist I was interested in working with but I would need to get it done in one sitting as I couldn't afford to stay a week to two in between sittings. The Staffie was done by a artist called Diva at Pretty in ink Tattoo studio West Ryde,Sydney. I was using Facebook to look at some of the sydney studios recent work and I always drive past that smaller looking studio on the way to my Girlfriends house. I have yet to be in or get any work done there The Work is not what you will get from the best or special International guests some of the 8hr Traditional
  10. Congrats on going all out on your first tattoo and getting a some really boss ink!! I have a friend that really wants a Traditional Japanese half sleeve but he is afraid its going to hurt. a few people are telling him to get something small and go from there but I keep telling him if he goes to a good artist and really loves the Traditional work and half sleeve look go for it first up he will more so regret a small cheap tattoo over a getting a timeless art form and waste valuable skin if he decides to get more in the future. Its funny how he is scared of a tattoo needle too as he is a ex He
  11. I got my first tattoo 8 years ago when I was 23. Black/Grey Eagle I did in two sessions because I had a few first time jitters and I was worried about any pain that is a folk tale to stop kids getting them. I few weeks later I added the full colour nature background in another two sessions I just went to a Kings Cross Studio in Sydney not knowing much about tattoos at the time and the fact my friends had been there and all of there work looked decent enough for someone that did not know much about tattoos.. My ex girlfriend used to say it looks like a 5 year old coloured it in, Its not worl
  12. Theres a few good shops in Sydney I was lucky enough to get a consult on his first day and book him up for 16hrs work to get a half sleeve done by Marco Serio while he was doing a guest spot here for 6 weeks a month or so ago.which i think will be the best tattoo I will ever get I would go back there but they have lost a few of their big name artists recently. and most in that shop have a 2year waiting list Problem being for every good artist in sydney there is more dodgy ones. Shops are opening up everywhere these days Heres the pic of the dog i am planning on taking into the studios any o
  13. I have always wanted a portrait of my Golden Retriever that died young but have been a bit scared living in Sydney, Australia and there is not a huge amount of top quality artists. I found a artist recently that did this Staffy in the picture below just seeing what your thoughts are on the quality of work? It is probably not the greatest compared to what the USA and overseas artists offer but I like the work and should a artist that did this be able to replicate the same quality regularly as I am a bit worried about getting a eyesore portrait.
  14. My Grandfather I lived with was like that he hated Tattoos because his father that disowned his family had them. Luckily I got my first after he passed away I thought my mum would go off but she just refuses to look at it, when she found out after my first one she just said I never thought you would go through something like that and was more worried and still is about clean needles she even loaned me a couple of hundred to add a nature background to my first tattoo of a eagle i got. My father didn't get involved at all even though he admitting he does not like Tats but while I got my Half S
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