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  1. I really appreciate that, thank you so much. It's a tattoo inspired by the show Avatar: The Last Airbender. The two koi fish are Tui and La which are physical forms of the moon and ocean spirits. They are the same concept as yin and yang like the other user said. I've always loved the concept of yin and yang and the balance and harmony that the symbol represents. This tattoo was a combination of that and my love for the show. Thanks for asking and being so kind.
  2. I really appreciate the advice. Obviously, it was a huge mistake on my part to go to someone so inexperienced. I absolutely should have known better and I'm very upset with myself about that. I ended up speaking to the artist about my problems with the piece and went in today to talk to a way more experienced artist at the shop about touching up the tattoo once it is fully healed. Thank you for being so kind with your response it really means a lot. I'm hopeful that it can be touched up to look cleaner and more like what I expected. I'm sure I will learn to love it over time no matter what happens.
  3. So this is not my first tattoo. I have quite a few that were all done by the same artist but she moved away a few years ago. I haven't been tattooed in almost two years and decided to get a new piece which was done by someone who has not been tattooing very long. I immediately felt disappointed by the tattoo and I've been very upset since yesterday even though everyone says it looks good. I would like some outside opinions and maybe some advice if there are ways to make it look better. I've never felt so bad after a tattoo. Thanks in advance.
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