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  1. It’s awesome. What you’re feeling is pretty common for a first huge piece or first visible piece. I get it every time with hand and neck tattoos. You’ll adjust to the change in your appearance and start to love it, before almost forgetting you even have it. And it looks cool as shit
  2. I hope this is the correct forum for this question. I will be near Tampa for a few days in November and might like to get tattooed while I'm there. Does anyone recommend any artists and/or shops worth checking out in the area?
  3. My most recent tattoo is a lion head door knocker, by Dustin Golden
  4. One of the first tattoos I got is of a bunch of bees flying out of a hive with honeycomb pattern in the background. Bees are great.
  5. I'm also an atheist who is intrigued by religious imagery. Here's my tattoo by Matt Wes of St. Denis, who according to legend was beheaded by pagans for preaching the gospel and then carried his disembodied head through town while it continued to speak the good word and here's one much closer to my actual religious beliefs, Charles Darwin by Mario Desa
  6. I hope you sued them for wrongful termination and harassment based on your religious beliefs
  7. SweetDaddyPatty


    this is so great
  8. It's not meant to be a Motorhead tattoo so to speak, but it is taken from a Motorhead song
  9. Good evening and thanks for joining Last Sparrow Tattoo community, forum, and ezine. I/we look fwd to your tattoo related post and tattoo pictures!

    Until then....have a good day.


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