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    Web developer & designer. Finally discovered that yes, I do want to get a tattoo, and yes, I want it to be awesome. Currently in the planning, finding an artist, & scrimping & saving stage.
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    South Carolina, USA
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    Internets, nerdy television, dancing 'til my shoes wear through
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    Web developer
  1. "I'm Gay as a Unicorn." Though some unicorns might take offense at that.
  2. Thank you! I've really just started being interested in tattoos and researching artists in my area over the last few weeks. It's REALLY REALLY hard for me as a beginner to tell the difference between an okay artist and a fantastic artist, especially about the more traditional and stylized tattoos. A koi fish is a koi fish to me. I can see shit (Ugliest Tattoos, anyone?) - but I can't see greatness just because I haven't seen enough greatness. All that said, I'm also looking for an artist that blows my socks off; if y'all think he's crap, at least I like him. :)
  3. ^ THIS. Refreshing an old thread with a link to a related video series: Everything is a Remix Not specific to tattoos, but about the inheritance of all art and invention. May be interesting if you're interested :) - each part is about 15+ minutes, so a little over an hour if you watch all four back to back. Coming from an architecture and design background, you can't avoid copying - it's part of the training. In order to learn a style, it's essential to copy other's work over and over until you can get it right. Until you've absorbed the style so completely that you can create your own uni
  4. Still deciding on my design, but I'm contemplating a belly-rib-shoulder tattoo of a half real, half chrome vine of passiflora. Or maybe anemones. I'd like Todo to do it I think, but I haven't talked to him yet. No money and probably a year or more before I can save up enough. :( But hey! I'm researching, I've found an artist I like, and I'm on a tattoo forum talking to people about it. Right? :o
  5. Heh, sorry Irezumi; didn't catch the sarcasm in the first post the last time around. I was responding to a post written by "fuckhead," that's why I called him that. I don't want to judge or insult anyone; I'm just making a point about impressions made on outsiders. If tattoo artists want to be considered professionals, they need to act like it. Porn in the lobby is not professional. I keep seeing repeated references to how much the view of tattoos are changing in the public eye; more people are getting tattoos, and they're being viewed with less and less negativity. What that means is that
  6. Do you also have National Geographic laying around? How many tattoos have animals or nature as the subject matter vs porn? I don't want to be the person that puts a crimp in everybody's style. And porn itself is not something I'm going to judge; it's just that there's a time and place for everything. Professional people don't try to offend 50% of the population as soon as they walk in the door. This is a forum about tattoos, for chrissake. You should know a thing or to about people judging based on outward appearances.
  7. Hello friend! PM me if you want, I don't bite hard. :)

  8. I'm more interested in the art & artists that a shop has to offer. If they need to distract people so badly from their bad art that they leave porn lying around, it's probably not worth being there. Sorry, fuckhead, but if they are that awesome, they don't need to supplement their bad-assery with poor "art." As a woman, porn in a public area is pretty off-putting; if I wanted to hang out in a bachelor pad I'd go down to the frat house. I want to work with a professional artist, not some sleazeball who'll jack off in the bathroom after my session.
  9. New to the forum, new to the idea of getting a tattoo, but really really excited about learning!
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