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    I believe the signs of the reptile master.
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    Music, movies, books, booze.
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    I was talking to a tattooer friend of mine and scratchers came up and he referred to them as "kitchen wizards," which I have never heard before and thought it was the funniest shit ever. Back when I was in highschool there was this guy who would tattoo kids out of his trailer who were underage, and needless to say they were terrible! So there were all these dudes 15 16 years old in my school with huge back pieces and sleeves that were just beyond awful.
  2. Thanks man I am really happy with the way it came out, and I would go a little further than not sprightly and say just plain horrible! And thanks for the tip I am not to tech savvy.
  3. My knee and shin dine by Danny Reed at Hot Stuff in Asheville, NC.
  4. zcamp


    Buffalo on knee cap and shin done by Danny Reed at Hot Stuff Tattoo in Asheville, NC.
  5. Hahaha spoken like a true Presbyterian! Always got to throw the trinity in there for the celts. I grew up Presbyterian too, which is why I think it took me so long to finally become atheist. The church I grew up in was so reasonable and balanced it took me a while to see the true nature of religion. I had to go out and see the way other people worship and hear what they believed and I was not impressed.
  6. Yeah I would say just keep getting more larger pieces. You've got the room for it.
  7. I am getting a buffalo head on my knee Friday. Will post pictures then. Those panthers are gnarly!
  8. zcamp

    Hey LST!

    Hey everyone I have been lurking for a month or so now and have been getting tattooed for about 6 monts. Figured it was about time to contribute. Thanks for all the great resources and topics!
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