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  1. Apologies in advance if this is more common of a thing than I know, I just couldn't find anything in my research. I got a calf tattoo a few weeks ago. Black & grey with large amounts of solid black shading. 2 days after I took my saniderm off, I went to take a shower and saw big streaks of blood flowing down my leg. Even though I moisturized before bed, I must've stuck my leg out in front of the fan while sleeping and it dried out & cracked once I got up. The spots this happened in formed thick scabs. First one of these scabs came off tonight, and under where the scab was is large, noticeable blotches of red that pretty much ruins the look of the tat. There's no blood or open wound, it's just red skin where it should've been solid black. I have a much larger scab remaining where I'm expecting it to be even worse but don't want to peel it off for obvious reasons. FWIW even though it was a rough healing session, I didn't have any signs of infection and I otherwise kept it clean & properly moisturized the best I could. Is this going to somehow clear up, or is it something that could be touched up? Or is it just some kind of scarring I have to unfortunately live with?
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