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    drawings: http://cargocollective.com/joakimrma photoblog: http://shortglimpsesof.tumblr.com/ casual tumblr: http://uglyfreedom.tumblr.com/
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    Stockholm, SWE
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    skateboarding, photography, movies, drawing, music, long walks
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    Student and I work at a group home for people with downs syndrome

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  1. Finished last Saturday of March 2015, started in mid June 2014. 5 sittings, first and last with two machines.
  2. joakim urma

    frog banjo

    This is cool man, I like it! Been thinking of getting some this similar for quite a while.
  3. This one is so cool man! Remember seeing it way back, amazing to discover it's on you! Would like to see a healed picture one day.
  4. I got this done by Deno at Stockholm Inkbash, summer of 2012. He came up with the idea with the castle with roots. I really like it. Dark and bold lines, mmmm!
  5. Återkomst = return. My foot was back in action skateboarding again, after 1 year injury recovery. Stupid handstyle by me. RMA = Reasonable Mental Attitude, life moto.
  6. joakim urma


    Done by Sebbe @ Salong Betong, Stockholm Marble effect by me :P The new outline, leaves and text were added a year later by Mary Hardass @ King Carlos, Stockholm. The text translates to "long live the dream"
  7. By Isabel Rozada @ Skäggiga Damen, Stockholm I got this as payment for some photos I took for the studio. It's based on one of Isabels paintings. I like it
  8. work in progress by Frej Lind @ Royal Arch, Västerås, Sweden. I will have him to an inside of the arm too. The text on the coffin translates "Love Belief Hope". Still quite some shading to be done on this one
  9. By Isabel Rozada @ Skäggiga Damen The Tragedy crow. Original shading and detail by Isabel. I like how primitive and trashy it came out, just the right vibe for this infamous crust punk band.
  10. By Isabel Rozada @ Skäggiga Damen Small logo of one of my favorite bands from Sweden. Malmö's own Hårda Tider. The toe was not one of my favorite spots, that skin is thick and painfull!
  11. Molotov cocktail/spray can by Frej Lind @ Royal Arch, Västerås, Sweden It translates to "Uncivilized disobedience".
  12. My favorite Swampy skull variation. I've always liked horns and tusks. By Isabel Rozada @ Skäggiga Damen
  13. By Isabel Rozada @ Skäggiga Damen, Stockholm It's a design by a Danish satirist who's name I have now forgotten. Not yet healed when photo was taken.
  14. Based on this bad ass design: http://uglyfreedom.tumblr.com/post/871011160 I am glad I didn't get it exactly like that though because a few months ago I saw that design on a t-shirt by the brand Obey.
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