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  1. Super bold indeed, very happy with how it came out. No I have very thick hair actually. For now I keep it short but I plan to let it grow long again. Had it down to my nipples before the tattoo.
  2. From 19:th of september, by TomasTomas at Into You. That was a beautiful and special day. Maybe 2 hours of tattooing and in total 8 hours with all the talking, planning design, preparing, listening to music, watching videos, sharing stories and experience. Tomas is fantastic.
  3. Many people have seen this all ready I guess. By Jondix, 11 days ago. Had such a great time. Stayed at the shop past midnight, talking and eating after the session. Everybody should get something from him. Super good heart, attitude and knowledge of tattooing and art. Wrathful offering of the five senses by Jonas Nyberg from last year.
  4. 4-5 times a year is good for me now. Had some years before when I could get 10+ pieces in as many months. Need to save some skin so I can enjoy this as long as possible, have enough space for the people I really want to get work from and also see what kind of interesting artists will be around 15 years from now.
  5. All depends I guess, on how long the distance is and if the artist is likely to be guesting in other places closer to your location from time to time. Also it depends on how much of a hurry you are in to get it done and how much difficulty you have finding time to travell. But I think often when you book in something like that you can sit down with the artist and really plan out at least 5 sessions and book them all so it doesn't have to be such a hassle every time to match your schedules. I travelled to Italy and Scottland for my backpiece and that gave me reasons to do those trips that provided me with really cool experiences, meeting new friends and so on. I was lucky to be able to take time off from work and travell for extended periods surrounding those dates. Pretty sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much if I just had to fly there, get tattooed, fly back. If you plan to do it, try to get in with the artist while he/she is guesting some place too so you can see some other places during the progress, and make the most of the trips so it doesn't start feeling like a job. That worked for me and the 9 months that we worked on my back was really beautiful, considering all other things in my life too.
  6. Booked in a month from now to get some filler glyphs around my armpit from Jondix. Looking forward a lot! Also it's going to be cool to get tattooed at Seven Doors, only visited before. Some days before I get my left elbow tattooed by Rudy Fritsch at the Scottish Convention. Iain Mullen did my right elbow back in 2012, second time I met him. Last year at the Scottish Convention Iain and Rudy finished my back. So having the other elbow by Rudy now feels like full circle in a way. Beautiful
  7. Here's one by Jessica Swaffer that's very much alike
  8. From yesterday by the the all mighty Marius Meyer. Super rad guy with a burning passion for tattooing. Everybody should get something from him. As for me, this means I'll be going to job interviews in turtleneck sweaters for the rest of my life.
  9. Tried to set stomething up with Curly and Jeroen Franken but apparently they both have waiting list for 1 year plus. Good to know!
  10. Just keep getting more tattoos while you enjoy it. When you don't enjoy it, stop. As @bongsau wrote: you have to be really full before you are really full!
  11. @SStu That's a cool one. But DAMN! I love that Robert Ryan piece next to it. Love it
  12. It's been almost three years since I started this thread so I think I'm allowed to post an update :) Thank you @marley mission for breathing new life into it When I wrote the OP I was really happy to finally be able to get tattooed a lot. Money was not an obstacle for the first time since ever. I think I probably got 10+ palm sized tattoos in 2013. Since then I slowed down significantly. Except for two tattooers that I'm interested in I'm done "collecting" from artists in Sweden. Now I'm waiting for guests artists to come by, for the yearly London Convention or I plan trips abroad to get tattooed. Having to plan a trip and spend more in order to get work from the tattooers that I love is the best way to slow down. I still keep a list with 10+ ideas with placement and artists names of the tattoos I plan to get but since time passes, my taste slightly shifts and new names pop up. I keep revising the list every now and then. Right now I'm contemplating who I want to get a japanese dragon from and also planning a US trip for the fall when I hope to squeeze in maybe five tattoos that I've been waiting for a long time. Really happy with the slowed down pace as I can see how my taste in tattoos continue to change and mature, even looking back 12 months I can see a huge difference. I'm focusing on getting the worst spots done. Not that it really matters or make me any better of a human being but for my own sense of pride I'd like to get as far into full body coverage as possible before resorting to using numbing creams. Right now I try to make plans to finish the ribs, stomach, second armpit and feet. After that I should have no problem even after the pain tolerance drops. I wrote in my OP that I wanted to save my back until I turned thirty. People who follow my posts here and on instagram all ready know it turned out differently. I finished my back last year at 28 years of age, in five sessions spaced out over 9 months. I'm trying not to rush my ideas, instead I save some skin for future tattooers. Having a growing list of 10-15 ideas of things I know I want to get makes it easy to focus on making those ideas reality. The areas who are still unplanned can remain blank for many years ahead before I catch up with the list. I've got the inside of my underarms empty still and also some sizeable areas here and there on the legs and torso. I only recently started to appriciate bigger coherent pieces with background and large readable motifs. But since I started getting palm sized tattoos spaced out all over my body I don't have any larger areas left to cover. A bit of a bummer but nothing I lose sleep over.
  13. @bladezzz Reminds me of that time I got the middle of my back tattooed simultaneusly by two tattooers after not having slept more than 20 min in the last 36 hours. That was memorable.
  14. @jimstanley Haha that's a great come back, I'm going to start using that too. "Wait wait wait... so you've got almost all of your legs tattooed?!" "Yes" "Wow, that's crazy! So show me!" "Here, in the middle of this bar..? Sure, if you show me your legs.
  15. Fuuuck, people keep getting amazing tattoos. So excited about the fact that many of the cool ongoing projects that I see on instagram turn out to on people from LST!