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  1. OK, so this is going to be a bit hard to follow I'm sure.. A few weeks ago I mentioned to Iain Mullen that I wanted to get some kind of geometric dotworky type of tattoo and I wondered who he thought I should get it from. After just a second he said "Xed Le Head! He's the originator of that whole style". And I thought: Yeah, that would be cool! Out of this short trade of words came some thoughts that later began to formulate. I easily find myself soft to the idea of getting tattooed by well known tattooers. I'm not the type of person that show of my tattoos or brag about them to friends and strangers. Pants drop and shirt goes off in tattoo shops when tattooers show interest in seeing what I have, but that's about it. Still I have some notion of wanting to get work from big name tattooers that I admire. Of course the style of the tattoo goes first, but even among tattooers of "equal" skill and in the same style I'd easily choose the one that seems most well respected in the craft. If the tattooer an interesting character it's also a big plus. I gues it has to do with the added "value" of the tattoo: the circumstances around getting it, the shop or convention, the mode that day and the person making the tattoo. I've always by interested in people so I want original folks to mark me too. I also have this belief that people who spent a lot of time and energy doing their craft will have a very refined taste. That their added years and position "in the game" will leave me with a tattoos that I will learn to appriciate even more as time passes, as I too go deeper into the culture. There are limits however. I wouldn't get a tattoo by Horiyoshi III or even someone like Bob Roberts or Eddy Deutsche, I think they lost it a long time ago. (Come on, send a lynch mob..) I was set up to get tattooed by Henk last autumn in Amsterdam but I don't think I care about it anymore. Getting heavily tattooed is a hard process, there is only so much skin to cover. I also think sometimes about WHY we go to the lenghts of getting tattooed by people from across seas for example. Hopefully we can be honest to ourselves and do it because we want this particular person to leave their mark on us and grace us with art, and not do it be part of some "I got tattooed by the Smith ST-crew club". (I got a tattoo by Eli Quinters by the way...) But what if everyone who wanted a particular style tattoo saved up all their money and went to the master of this style? Everybody. Would someone like Jondix have the chance to blossom if we all went to Mike The Athens? Would the tattoo world not have El Carlo if people where picky enough to only see El Monga? Maybe we should be less elitist and let the small dogs get their chance a bit more, to help push the art further? A tattooer that I know told me about one of his visible tattoos. It was made by one of the absolutely biggest names in this part of the culture, someone I bet a lot of you look up too beacause of his art (so do I). But this experience was so bad, the big shot tattooer turned out to be really rude and bossy/macho-y and this was one of the reasons that this guy now gets tattooed by friends almost strictly. And this is someone who loves tattoos, who looks up to Theo Mindell as his favorite tattooer and who really struggle to improve his own work. After all it's just tattoos, and if the process is not fun for you, why bother chasing "collectors items"? For a while I was really into getting only one piece per tattooer but this story made me loosen up a bit and now I get more work from people that I got a good vibe with. I kind of want to get something from Jelle Neleman mostly because he seems like such a PMA dude. His work is really nice but I can name at least 5 tattooers that do the same tattoos. I don't know.. I hope you got something out of this rambling. Feel free to write down your thoughts and associations! Bless
  2. Hey! I've been thinking about this for a while, I bet there are more LST-members on Let us link together and help each other out! Good for finding sleeping spots and company when visiting other cities for conventions or getting tattooed. Great idea? Yes. Here's my profile: I'm in Stockholm, Sweden. Also made a group for us that we can join and find each other easily:
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Super bold indeed, very happy with how it came out. No I have very thick hair actually. For now I keep it short but I plan to let it grow long again. Had it down to my nipples before the tattoo.
  4. joakim urma

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    From 19:th of september, by TomasTomas at Into You. That was a beautiful and special day. Maybe 2 hours of tattooing and in total 8 hours with all the talking, planning design, preparing, listening to music, watching videos, sharing stories and experience. Tomas is fantastic.
  5. joakim urma

    Ass tattoos

    Come on, once you get most of your thighs done and the backpiece is in place (not covering the your whole behind) sooner or later a time comes for getting the ass tattooed. Am I right? Would look really weird of you saved that part of your body but covered the rest. Personally I'm leaning towards marquesan style tribal, but haven't really thought too hard about this yet. So for those of us who was not smart enough to extend the backpiece the whole way down, what are good type of designs/subjects/styles to be put bellow the belt? This is a threat to discuss and post pictures of your favorite tattoos centered around the butt.
  6. 100 USD + shipping First come, first served
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    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Many people have seen this all ready I guess. By Jondix, 11 days ago. Had such a great time. Stayed at the shop past midnight, talking and eating after the session. Everybody should get something from him. Super good heart, attitude and knowledge of tattooing and art. Wrathful offering of the five senses by Jonas Nyberg from last year.
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    How often would you get tattooed?

    4-5 times a year is good for me now. Had some years before when I could get 10+ pieces in as many months. Need to save some skin so I can enjoy this as long as possible, have enough space for the people I really want to get work from and also see what kind of interesting artists will be around 15 years from now.
  9. "Tattoos are luxury products. It's not something that anyone really needs." I remember reading it just like that somewhere for the first time and I have heard people expressed the idea since. I've thought about it a lot since and tried to formulate my thoughts on it. I'm not sure yet that I have a definitive comeback that I'd let people quote me on but let's explore the theme for a while. If you talk about different sorts of needs, in most cases I'd say tattoos are not fundamental to life in the way food, clothes and shelter are. Getting tattooed probably ranks pretty close to the top of Marslows pyramid of needs for most people. Of course there is circumstances where having certain tattoos could save your life (or make you lose it), just think of prison culture in many parts of the world. Many of us have seen the sensational documentary about tattoos of the criminal Russian subculture. You could also argue that sometimes tattoos can help in sexual interaction and from some evolutionary perspective help the poor genes in your body keep life going past your death. Then there is all the sociological aspects of in-groups and out-groups and how most people try to fit in someplace, if not in the mainstream then somewhere else. Some biologists talk about how having a sharp intellect is an aid in evolution, that it's an important factor in the sexual selection. The intellect in turn would be expressed in external symbols, status symbols, titles, behaviors, the clever words we use to impress each other and tell the world who we are. I've read people arguing that often art: both appreciating (the right) art in front of others (or symbols there of) and the performance/creation of art (or the symbols there of) is also a evolutionary strategy in order to find a mate and make children. Of course us humans enjoy thinking of ourselves, and humanity, as something more complex than that. At the same time sex and violence/love and death is at the core of both art and the human experience. Right now I am reading a book about evolutionary theory and one of the main points the author makes is that we have to bridge the gap between biology and the humanitarian sciences. Religion and art for example, has it's roots in evolutionary processes but has in part branched out and become so complex over time that often we forget it was created by the human brain, which was in turn formed through evolution. Maybe that was sort of a side track, decide yourself. Truth is you can not eat your tattoos, they won't shelter you from the elements and keep you warm. (But many people have in different ways made money from making tattoos or having tattoos, to put food on the table in their cave or hut) If I was really running low on cash, say I lost my job, getting tattooed would pretty quick be had to put on hold. So I could eat and pay rent. However, I suspect most people who do get tattoo regularly, especially those LST-forum members, can probably afford to live a pretty comfy lifestyle by a global standard (or even just comparing with people in their own country) and on top of that spend money on this kind of luxury. Sometimes I can feel guilty about it, like this money could pay for "real things" that could prove helpful. I know my parents think I should be saving money for an apartment to own, and such things, as if I wanted their way of life. Or just put money in the bank for "the future". Once my aunts man asked me how much I paid for a tattoo on my arm and when I told me he exclaimed "But that money could get you a moped!". But I don't want a moped... I said. I think many are provoked by heavily tattooed people for this reason, to different extent. A funny scene to illustrate this happened last week. By chance I ran into my friend Olle (some people might know him as @tattoo_pilgrim on instagram) outside of Systembolaget (state owned chained of stores in Sweden, the only one who legally can sell alcohol stronger than %3,5) We ended up standing right in front of the store, talking for 10 minutes. All the time people are going into the store to spend money on alcohol. Both me and Olle have tattoos showing, and right next to me sits a Roma woman, begging the shoppers for money. On my foot next to her I have a tattoo of a sleeping bum with a cloudy speech bubble containing the acronym C.R.E.A.M. I don't know exactly how it ties to what I am writing, maybe not at all in the sense of language, but I thought it was an absurd scene to be part of. I think most middle class people, and even working class people in some countries, can afford to spend huge sums of money on objects, interests and pursuits that are not crucial to their day to day existence. One example I often find myself using is that it is not considered weird to want to spend 20.000 euro on a car, or to lust after a watch for 500 euro. In fact it's culturally sanctioned and encouraged by advertising and other instances of our society. For me tattooing is great joy on so many levels. I would not be the person I am today without the tattoos, impressions, thoughts and experiences I've collected since 2009 when I got my first piece. I could never have imagined then what it would spiral into. I remember the first time I formulated for my father that tattoos could be a hobby even if you are not making tattoos, or to my new friend in Italy that tattooing was art. It was strange to put those words in my mouth then, I was not sure if I really had thought it through enough. But now, years later, I know that this what I think and feel is good for me. So spending that money and effort is all worth it. In the same way people enjoy fancy cars, travel the globe to see their favorite band perform, slave away at the gym, put hundreds of euros a month on clubbing, alcohol and drugs, and all other things that may or may not be luxurious to indulge in. And maybe in a way we are doing it because we believe that in this culture it will set us apart in a way that allow our genes to live on. So even if the acts are "un-natural" or superficial, the motivation is very human and basic. It's up for debate Hmm.. maybe this blog post-length rant is not going anywhere really. As I wrote, this is like a loosely weaved net of ideas that is still shifting in shape and content. Feel free to discuss whatever I wrote or introduce your own ideas tied to the theme. PS. I studied sociology for a while, but probably not enough to make any sense, perhaps you can tell D.S.
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    Traveling to get a large tattoo a logistic nightmare?

    All depends I guess, on how long the distance is and if the artist is likely to be guesting in other places closer to your location from time to time. Also it depends on how much of a hurry you are in to get it done and how much difficulty you have finding time to travell. But I think often when you book in something like that you can sit down with the artist and really plan out at least 5 sessions and book them all so it doesn't have to be such a hassle every time to match your schedules. I travelled to Italy and Scottland for my backpiece and that gave me reasons to do those trips that provided me with really cool experiences, meeting new friends and so on. I was lucky to be able to take time off from work and travell for extended periods surrounding those dates. Pretty sure I wouldn't have enjoyed it nearly as much if I just had to fly there, get tattooed, fly back. If you plan to do it, try to get in with the artist while he/she is guesting some place too so you can see some other places during the progress, and make the most of the trips so it doesn't start feeling like a job. That worked for me and the 9 months that we worked on my back was really beautiful, considering all other things in my life too.
  11. joakim urma

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Booked in a month from now to get some filler glyphs around my armpit from Jondix. Looking forward a lot! Also it's going to be cool to get tattooed at Seven Doors, only visited before. Some days before I get my left elbow tattooed by Rudy Fritsch at the Scottish Convention. Iain Mullen did my right elbow back in 2012, second time I met him. Last year at the Scottish Convention Iain and Rudy finished my back. So having the other elbow by Rudy now feels like full circle in a way. Beautiful
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    Knife throwing target women

    Here's one by Jessica Swaffer that's very much alike
  13. joakim urma

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    From yesterday by the the all mighty Marius Meyer. Super rad guy with a burning passion for tattooing. Everybody should get something from him. As for me, this means I'll be going to job interviews in turtleneck sweaters for the rest of my life.
  14. joakim urma

    Upcoming Tattoos

    Tried to set stomething up with Curly and Jeroen Franken but apparently they both have waiting list for 1 year plus. Good to know!
  15. So for those of us that aspire to cover most if not all of the body in tattoos from different people I am interested in how you and I think about how fast to get covered. It also deals with the concept of why we get tattoos and from whom. Starting points: - Would you rather get the tattoos you want as quickly as possible, or wait and spread it out over a longer period of time? - Do you have a plan as to which areas you cover in which order? Saving the hands for last or getting the worst spots first, maybe getting the visible spots first and save back of the thighs for example? - If you consider yourself a collector, do you keep areas of your body untouched for fantastic tattooers to appear say 20 years from now? - Anything else you would like to add or discuss I am really interested in hearing your perspective on this! ----- As for me, right now, I am spending a lot of money, time and pain on getting tattoos. I know what I want and I know from who, so when the opportunity comes I have nothing stoping me. I live very cheaply (my rent is about 1/3 of what I spend on grocerys a month, and I am vegan and eat pretty economically) I just think that tattoos, for me, is one of the best values to have spent my money on, instead of partying or buying expensive material objects. So the problem for me is I need to get more picky, or else I'd be covered in 4 years from now going at this rate. (I'm 26 by the way) Some tattooers that I really like I get prints from instead of tattoos. Also I think I am constantly refining my taste because of being exposed to so much great work through the internet everyday and talking to people. I am beginning to think that I do away with the worst spots before I turn 30, as I've heard your tolerance to pain drops quite a bit after that. But I am also saving my back until I turn 30. Other than that I am saving my shins and inside of the calfs for later because I get so many injuries there from skateboarding. Hands, neck and face is out of the question and perhaps I'll get the top of my head tattooed. For me getting a tattoo because of pivotal events in my life or because of personal sentiments are less important, I do photography for my memories. I'm not the kind of person who save a spot for my children's name or for a memorial tattoo of my parents or stuff like that. The thing that hit me some time ago is that for the short peroid of time that I've been interested in tattoos (5 years perhaps) I've discovered a lot of great tattooers, some that I later ended up not liking as much. But in the coming years, like the rest of my life, new amazing tattooers and new "styles" in tattooing will develop and I will want to have some room for that. ----
  16. joakim urma

    Periodic touch-ups?

    Just keep getting more tattoos while you enjoy it. When you don't enjoy it, stop. As @bongsau wrote: you have to be really full before you are really full!
  17. joakim urma

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    @SStu That's a cool one. But DAMN! I love that Robert Ryan piece next to it. Love it
  18. joakim urma

    Being done vs Waiting, and collecting

    It's been almost three years since I started this thread so I think I'm allowed to post an update :) Thank you @marley mission for breathing new life into it When I wrote the OP I was really happy to finally be able to get tattooed a lot. Money was not an obstacle for the first time since ever. I think I probably got 10+ palm sized tattoos in 2013. Since then I slowed down significantly. Except for two tattooers that I'm interested in I'm done "collecting" from artists in Sweden. Now I'm waiting for guests artists to come by, for the yearly London Convention or I plan trips abroad to get tattooed. Having to plan a trip and spend more in order to get work from the tattooers that I love is the best way to slow down. I still keep a list with 10+ ideas with placement and artists names of the tattoos I plan to get but since time passes, my taste slightly shifts and new names pop up. I keep revising the list every now and then. Right now I'm contemplating who I want to get a japanese dragon from and also planning a US trip for the fall when I hope to squeeze in maybe five tattoos that I've been waiting for a long time. Really happy with the slowed down pace as I can see how my taste in tattoos continue to change and mature, even looking back 12 months I can see a huge difference. I'm focusing on getting the worst spots done. Not that it really matters or make me any better of a human being but for my own sense of pride I'd like to get as far into full body coverage as possible before resorting to using numbing creams. Right now I try to make plans to finish the ribs, stomach, second armpit and feet. After that I should have no problem even after the pain tolerance drops. I wrote in my OP that I wanted to save my back until I turned thirty. People who follow my posts here and on instagram all ready know it turned out differently. I finished my back last year at 28 years of age, in five sessions spaced out over 9 months. I'm trying not to rush my ideas, instead I save some skin for future tattooers. Having a growing list of 10-15 ideas of things I know I want to get makes it easy to focus on making those ideas reality. The areas who are still unplanned can remain blank for many years ahead before I catch up with the list. I've got the inside of my underarms empty still and also some sizeable areas here and there on the legs and torso. I only recently started to appriciate bigger coherent pieces with background and large readable motifs. But since I started getting palm sized tattoos spaced out all over my body I don't have any larger areas left to cover. A bit of a bummer but nothing I lose sleep over.
  19. joakim urma

    Most painful spot to get tattooed

    @bladezzz Reminds me of that time I got the middle of my back tattooed simultaneusly by two tattooers after not having slept more than 20 min in the last 36 hours. That was memorable.
  20. @jimstanley Haha that's a great come back, I'm going to start using that too. "Wait wait wait... so you've got almost all of your legs tattooed?!" "Yes" "Wow, that's crazy! So show me!" "Here, in the middle of this bar..? Sure, if you show me your legs.
  21. joakim urma

    Latest tattoo lowdown.....

    Fuuuck, people keep getting amazing tattoos. So excited about the fact that many of the cool ongoing projects that I see on instagram turn out to on people from LST!
  22. joakim urma

    To shade or not to shade? And inside or outside?

    I agree with what @Valpolicella wrote. It's nice to keep a clean shaped outline on the tattoo.
  23. joakim urma

    Hello I've never gotten a tattoo and have a question

    @Sagesebad Hello and welcome! I think with that design, if you find the right artist it could be done. But it would mean removing a big part of the lines from where they are most concentrated and save the most important ones only. Also I believe that with a kind of weird, abstract idea like this you will have to find a good tattooer that works in this style and that has a lot of experience with positioning bigger shapes on the body, otherwise I think it could look very odd. But providing you find the right artist and you put trust in her/him it could work. Maybe if you have the attitude that you want something like this and put trust in an experienced artist to redraw it into a tattoo that works technicaly and suits the area of the body.
  24. joakim urma

    Who: Crafty

    I didn't know this was a thing. Amazing
  25. joakim urma

    Hip Hop Thread

    Going to revive this thread from the depths. So what have you been listening to lately? When first really started to care about music (early 2000s) I downloaded and listened to A LOT of rap and punk so I think that's my foundation. I would say probably 70 percent of what I listen to nowadays is rap music. Even though I now enjoy a lot of other genres too, rap is extra close to my heart. My favorite artists recently have been: (Brownsville) Ka : Sounds kind of like Raekwon but for our time, and with a lot of more depth and message in the lyrics. He's got amazing ways with words. The Night's Gambit is a fantastic album, start to finish and I just bought his new project along with Roc Marciano called Days with Dr. Yen Lo. "Chance The Rapper : Kind of has a gimmicky voice and sound, either you love it or you don't. I think Acid Rap is a great album with many good tracks. I really like the positive messages, playfullnes and sensitivity that he often shows. This song has a fair bit of that epicness that makes Kendrick Lamar such a great storyteller. Chords : I wanted to give some shine to a old cat in the swedish rap game. Most of the swedish rappers that I like use swedish but Chords does mainly in English. Looped State of Mind is one of the albums I listened to the most back in 2013. Clean, jazzy, introspective and honest. Clockwork Indigo : Couldn't chose to plug just one of the Flatbush Zombies or The Underachievers so I plug this joint effort that they put out for the tour they did together last year. I saw them in Stockholm and it was great fun, super energetic. I really love The Underachievers for the positivity, ideas and concioussnes (corny word, I know) that they bring to the rap game. Other rappers ain't really about shit! My favorite is their albumt titled Cellar Door: Terminus Ut Exordium "Freddie Gibbs & Madlib : Piñata is a great album. These two are a match made in heaven. Freddies lyrics are so gritty, and his delivery makes it sound easy without ever losing one percent of his charisma. Main Attrakionz : These two guys are the best. Super productive and always pushing new sounds and song compositions. Laid back, trippy, cloud rap with a positive message and a self biographical element that grows more sincere and deep the more you listen to their big catalogue. Google "Green Ova" to find out about their other projects and related artists. Last years 808's and Dark Grapes III is a masterpiece "Westside Gunn & Conway : Really don't know too much about this, but been listening to it a lot. Cinematic and raw. Albums is called Griselda Ghost and both artist have put out great solo stuff besides this project. Honorable mentions: Death Grips, G-Side, Gorilla Warfare Tactics, Kendrick Lamar, Nujabes, Durag Dynasty, Jay Rock, Kevin Gates, Stormzy, Flash Giordani Also the mash up mixtape by Terry Urban of Lana Del Rey and Biggie is super heavy!