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    Valerie Vargas
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    Samuele Briganti
  3. Got these two beauties this week whilst in Rome. First one by Diego Brandi and the second by Samuele Briganti. I travelled to Rome purely to get tattooed and it was an absolute pleasure to get tattooed by these guys. Was such a fun experience, and they are some of the friendliest, most hospitible guys.
  4. Would definitely vouch for tutti. I've got some pieces from him, he's a really awesome guy and great tattooer.
  5. I'm off to Rome in March and have just booked in with Samuele Briganti and Diego Brandi! Very excited!
  6. a few new pieces that i'm really proud of! this was done by mario desa about 2 months ago and this was done a week ago by tutti serra.
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