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  1. Thank you for all your answers !! The swelling has gotten a lot better, along with the pain. The whole tattoo is also slowly starting to peel. There’s actually a bit of redness sometimes, and it is hot to touch but I believe my -very- sensitive skin doesn’t help with that. For update here’s a pic taken a few minutes ago - I’ve put Hustle Butter early this morning (it’s almost 5PM right now for my time zone). Looks really really dry, but i also wanna make sure those scabs aren’t too moist either so I’m just moisturizing it twice a day - morning and night. Do you think there’s a risk they leave scars? I’m trying not to touch them at all.
  2. hello! I got my biggest piece done on my thigh on Friday 21st, so 3 days ago. My leg has been really sore and swollen since then, hurts a lot when standing and walking. I also noticed my skin has been scabbing weird at some areas, along with some ink leaking when the tattoo is wet (after shower or even after putting a little bit of cream). My previous tattoos always healed pretty well with peeling starting around 5-7 days - but I’ve never experienced this type of scabs. The rest of my tattoo is healing exactly like the previous ones - as you can see on the last picture! Has this ever happen to one of you? Should i be worried? I usually dry heal and only put cream if it really becomes too uncomfortable. Should i let it dry or actually put some cream ? I also have some extreme swelling on my knee, right below my tattoo - only happened tonight after a whole day at work walking a lot so i guess it’s fine ? (i can’t go to my tattoo artist since he isn’t in my town anymore - i emailed him but haven’t got any reply yet!) Thank you in advance !
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