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  1. I find that the spray on sun blocks whiten the tattoo less but maybe its because you end up putting less product on your skin?
  2. Funny..I don't have hand or neck tattoos and I don't plan to either. I'm just saying people can do what they want, don't judge so much.
  3. Good answers so far guys. I personally moisturize my tattoos weekly with a cream called Bepanthol here in Greece (I'm sure you have it in the States under a diff. name), it has pro-vitamin b5 and other stuff good for the skin, I feel like my tattoos look better because of it but it might just be all in my head :p
  4. I'm really curious as what you guys do as far as the beach/swimming pools go. We all know how bad sun exposure is for tattoos. Do you avoid these places all together? Or sit in the shade? Or tan with high SPF sunblock on? I personally go to the beach and sit in the sun, putting on SPF50 and reapplying often, is this safe for my tats or should I just stay in the shade? Lets hear your opinions!
  5. Good for you, I don't have TV at all..who needs it with the internet?
  6. Very inspirational thread, I have some solid black work that I didn't think I could do much with, but you changed my mind.
  7. I like the wait, it gives me something to look forward to.
  8. I'm with you. I remove the wrap as soon as I get home.
  9. I started lifting with starting strength, now I do a self-modified version of 5/3/1 once a week (I train boxing the other 4 days). All I can say is starting strength is simply amazing, I gained about 15kg.
  10. Personally I think if someone wants to tattoo just their hand or neck first, as long they thought it through and got something that they were really bonded to, there's no big deal. I feel like some of you think you have to 'pay your dues ' before you do it or something, chill out.
  11. I don't mind if people stare as long they don't have a dirty look on their face, I see it as curiosity. I also 'stare' at someone who has an interesting tattoo in public.
  12. revs114


    Hi guys, long time lurker finally joining ! Just a big fan of tats, have a chest piece and my two inner arms done so far...going for a half sleeve in September :)
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