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    I began tattooing in London in 1993. I now own and operate Nakatosh Tattoo Co.
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    Natchitoches, LA
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    antiques Tattoo Machines titties
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  1. owner of the tattoo school in Shreveport in response to an art show protest we had - - - Updated - - - http://www.ktbs.com/news/The-Esoteric-Tradition-of-Tattoos/-/144844/15725728/-/14oiesp/-/index.html - - - Updated - - - http://www.facebook.com/events/409690449072917/
  2. Maximalion


    It's a rose...with a skull in it...
  3. Self explanatory
  4. Maximalion

    Bowery Stan

    a little present for Stan's 80th birthday!
  5. I worked at a small hole in the wall shop off St. Denis, we got a call to clear out...30 minutes later some one threw a hand grenade through the window. I left about 15 mins. before it happened and never looked back as two days before a carbomb went off infront of another shop a buddy round the way told me later that no one was killed.
  6. if it's as bad as Montreal back in the late 90s...well, that was bad
  7. Maximalion


    a 6 month long project done with the help of CFx effects
  8. hey, Steven! does your mom own a shop in OKC?
  9. not here in Louisiana, I know of two scratchers who ordered that shit off DB's website...they ain't checking shit and 2. his ink is crap 3. Kevin's glasses are legendary
  10. oh and Lemes book is a good read...a little gay, but a good read and old Bowery stan's book, really historical and a little hard to follow but interesting
  11. dietzel vol. 1 & 2 are really great reads I'll have the zies book in a week, i'll let ya know how it is... :)
  12. ^^^^ when the scab falls off you'll have a calcium deposit for a couple weeks then it will be fine...patience is a virtue
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