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  1. Hey guys, i'm just wondering if anyone had tickets to the convention and has managed to get a refund? I had a couple of tickets originally for the 2020 convention but when that was postponed, the ticket company said they would roll the tickets over for the 2021 convention. Obviously that convention is no longer happening so we contacted kingpin tickets and they told us to contact paypal for a refund. Paypal are saying that as the purchase was made over 12 months ago, they can't process a refund. No one is responding to any emails we send kingpin tickets and i'm not sure what other avenues we have to explore.
  2. Hey guys, haven't posted in a while but i had to bring this up. Marcus Kuhn's Just Good Tattoos in Bath, England was basically burned to the ground a couple of nights back. Looks like it was deliberate and it's been hugely damaging to Marcus who is one of the nicest guys you could wish to meet. There's been a gofundme set up to help him out, i'm sure any donation will be hugely appreciated. Here's the gofundme: https://www.gofundme.com/help-just-good-tattoos-after-arson And here's a facebook post from Marcus on the subject, i've copied the text as i'm not sure if the embed feature will work here: "ITS been 24 hours since someone i dont know who or why.burned my tattoo shop down eleven days after i opened it...I put all my savings into it and frankly cannot afford to build it again..i have no insurance...was just in second week open..it would cost another 15 to 20 thousand to redo it and replace everything...as it stands now it was months i was not earning while building the shop and i put everything in there..i will not be able to eat or pay rent as my savings will be gone in a matter of days..this was a blow i dont think i can recover from...i built every corner of the shop with my own hands for three months using salvaged lumber and begged borrowed and scrounged all the pieces..all the money spent on planning applications and permits and blueprints and the trips to raise money to get it done and now its all gone and after 32 years tattooing and trying to contribute to the betterment of tattooing with gypsy gentleman films this is how i get repaid...I am tired of struggling to feed myself and duke and keep a roof over our heads..thank you to the people who have sent messages of solidarity..its very heartwarming but i cant live on good vibes alone..at the end of the day im alone broke and without recourse...dont know why someone would do this but whoever you are you suceeded in destroying the life of someone you dont even know personally..i hope you have a really good reason ..." Please note i am not in charge of the gofundme and i do not know Marcus personally (i've met him and chatted tattoos for a bit but that's it).
  3. Beast mode! @havetsherre Marius work makes me wish i had 2 backs
  4. Anyone heading to the tattoo collective in London? I'll be there on the Sunday for an appointment with Valerie Vargas, i'm still debating if i should get a ticket for the Saturday, too.
  5. Unfortunately he doesn't travel much at all for tattooing. Would certainly make my life a little easier if he did!
  6. Hahaha thanks for capturing me at my best, @Iwar Hopefully next time i see you it won't be quite so torturous for me!
  7. Made another Oslo trip last week to start a cover up on my lower stomach. While i was there i picked up a namakubi from Nicholas at Blue Arms. The cover up is ongoing and i don't mind admitting i'm very apprehensive about the next session! This was not a fun tattoo to get although Marius did his best to keep my spirits up and a visit from LST's own Mr @Iwar definitely kept me distracted from the significant pain!
  8. Just booked in with Valerie Vargas to start a thigh piece at the new london convention in February. So happy about this as i've been wanting a tattoo from her for several years but never managed to book one!
  9. Would love to pick this up but i can't justify the cost right now - it's more than £50 just to ship! Gutted.
  10. I live in England and the best advice i can give you is go for it! Although i'm not sure exactly where you live so it might be a hell of a lot more expensive than it is for me, this will be my 4th trip to be tattooed by Marius and it's so worth it. Edit: Profile says you're in the States so yeah, the cost isn't really comparible. It's costing me £45 for a return flight (around 55 dollars US). In that case i feel your pain!
  11. Just booked in for a return to Oslo. Marius Meyer is going to cover up a shitty tattoo on my stomach. No idea what i'll be getting yet but i'm really excited for this one. Appointment is in January so i'll be sure to share with you guys when it's done
  12. If it's any comfort, he's also ridiculously fast!
  13. Man i don't envy you guys at all, i got a one shot from chad on the back of my forearm and it sucked. Great experience with Chad but he's definitely the most heavy handed guy i've ever been tattooed by. Saying that, i don't envy the experience but i absolutely envy the work!
  14. Picked this one up from Marc Nava at the London tattoo convention yesterday. Such a nice guy and i had a great time being tattooed by him. Really wish i was at the convention today/tomorrow as there seemed to be a LOT of artists taking walk ups that had time (Frankie Carracioli, for example, was in the booth with Marc and didn't do a single tattoo on Friday, at least not by the time i left around 8pm). Bumped in to a few LSTers too, wish i knew their names here but it was a pleasure seeing you all, even managed to stumble across my main man @Iwar when i was literally on my way out of the convention.
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