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  1. Here is a very cool video about his shop and work: The Golden Age of Hong Kong Tattooing | VICE | United States I'd also be very worried about getting infected/Hepatitis from a tattoo in Hong Kong. I have work from Ross Turpin at Star Crossed and definitely trust those guys. But still, it's true that there are no laws about tattooing in HK/China and it's totally unregulated. Regardless of how much more accepted tattooing is in China/HK today, I still get sideways glances and straight up stares while my tattoos are exposed. One Chinese colleague asked how long I'd been getting tattoos, how
  2. please delete, mods (decided to remove pics of unfinished tattoo, sorry!!!)
  3. Wow! I'm really glad to read everyone's responses. Changing my body is something I take seriously (it is permanent, even if it rules) and something I do with joy (I only have it for the rest of my life). Anyway, it feels better now that my wife has seen it and loves it! Now I just have to wait until March for my next appointment... so long!
  4. My wife and I each have three tattoos and have gone through some similar feelings to varying degrees after each one. Just as a disclaimer, we both love our work, it is amazing, no regrets, exactly what we wanted, etc. Does anyone else feel slightly depressed after getting tattooed? My wife has cried after two of hers (she loves them both) just because her body has been forever changed and she tends to respond more emotionally than I do. I've definitely felt minor pangs of sadness - kind of like a low-level grief that happens after any climactic event. I started an half sleeve yesterday, ha
  5. @SStu Artist is Gordon Combs at Seventh Son in SF: Seventh Son Tattoo
  6. I'm trying to get some more ideas for a tattoo of our cat, Zola. She is a black/white tuxedo cat, lived in the shelter for 4 years, and incredibly sweet. I know a lot of cat owners say this, but she is unlike any other cat I've met. Not so independent, never scratches/bites, she doesn't even meow, more like a cooing/purr-meow sound. She's a pretty cuddly little thing, only 7.5 pounds. I asked my artist to tattoo her but I can't think of what kind of things I'd want to have in the tattoo with her. She's such a simple girl, looks out the window, sleeps, plays with hairbands, eats, sleeps, slee
  7. Thanks for all the advice. Sorry for posting in the wrong place! I'll get a rash guard.
  8. I'm getting my first tattoo on my upper arm in about two weeks. I'll be in Hawaii for the entire week before I go in. I'm an engineer in "real life" and don't see a ton of sun if you know what I mean. I'm going to be extra diligent in terms of sunscreen application... Anything else I can do to make sure my skin is healthy and not burned before the tattoo?
  9. My wife's bro used some of this stuff on his knuckles. It didn't do anything.
  10. Made me wonder if it wouldn't have been easier for him to say that yes, obviously they are gang tattoos, I had them done when I was 14, but now I am a family man and so forth. I have no clue though, might have had the same outcome, I.e the bureaucrat checks the box that says "has gang tattoos" and denies his green card.
  11. I think it looks cool, nice and simple, "cuts" to the core of a dagger. This is coming from a not-yet tattooed person ;)
  12. Gordon Combs is doing it, I really dig his style. He was a really nice guy as well. I originally went in to speak with Jeff Croci but he thought Gordon would be a better person for the job. They all seemed excited about the image I chose which is cool as well. Gordon offered some ideas to make it even better too. Here is what I gave them: East of Eden -
  13. Made an appointment for my first tattoo with Seventh Son in San Francisco. Managed to schedule for late August, just a few weeks away.
  14. Thanks guys, I'm looking forward to getting some good work done. I have a consult with Jeff Croci at Seventh Son this afternoon. I'll definitely check out Black Heart, I have heard of them before. I've been lurkin around the forums for a week now and enjoying reading up, particularly threads about etiquette in shops since I have no clue (though my tattooed friends have also given me plenty of advice). Thanks for the welcome!
  15. I sent an email to Jeff Croci at Seventh Son in San Francisco, he wants to do it so I guess it's bueno.
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