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  1. Gatorade, Sour Patch Kids, headphones, tissues to wipe away the tears.
  2. Just ordered the newest issue. Can't wait! Especially wanna read that Hoyer interview.
  3. I am off today too. Hmmmm... I wish I didn't have plans.
  4. Yeah, I came crawling back to the Instagram because of 1) good friends of mine asking me nicely to come back and 2) boredom at the Long Beach Airport because TSA is a breeze and I miscalculated my timing. I told myself "no more tattoos for awhile" and obviously that didn't work out. But I'm going to make another attempt at a sabbatical after June. We'll see how that goes. Just finished this yesterday. And thankfully no one was around to watch me die except Jason.
  5. New issue rules. Santoro and Snodgrass interviews are totally worth it.
  6. Finishing my ribs with Jason Phillips at FTW Tattoo next week! Excited/nervous!
  7. Sounds like I need to get all the tattoos I want before I marry someone, haha.
  8. Duly noted! I def want a Cheyenne tattoo, especially after @9Years glowing review of his tattoo experience.
  9. Too late, I just traced that woman in the canoe and tattooed it on my thigh. But yeah, I need a Dan Gilsdorf tattoo ASAP. And a Jeff P one for that matter.
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