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  1. Nick did an awesome job of blending the new colors to the old! Can't wait to see what they come up with to finish off that arm. ...and I do believe the wings are on the Lady. It may not be real obvious in the photos that Dan posted, but the proportions are all wrong for the wings to be on the dragon.
  2. Grettings, all! My name is Kathy, I'm Dan S' Wife, and the one who has to pt up with all his moaning and groaning when he gets new work done! But it's worth it. I have work done by Dale Grande of CTC, many years ago, as well as work by Nick Colella done fairly recently. Signed up to see what it is my man is always reading! Hope to be able to make some small contribution here and there, and to learn more about the latest trends and more about historical tattooing.