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  1. Even though traditional isnt my first choice, this is fantastic!
  2. Another update, wish I knew how to make a collage with bigger pics lol
  3. Thanks guys, you pretty much summed it up. For me personally as I started getting tattoos at an older age in 20 years time I don't think I will give a shit what they look like, that's even if I am still alive. Had I been younger then maybe I would have thought about it more. It isn't just the tattoos but the experience, the traveling the meeting new people, seeing new sites that is all very much part of it for me and that will always stay with me whether the tattoos do or don't :) I was at Randy Englehards shop last week for a VIP party and there was every top notch artist you could think of there, so I did look at aged stuff and it still all looks fabulous, so I guess there is hope :)
  4. Thank you mate, I'm with you. It will last as long as it lasts:)
  5. Was done at Randy Englehard shop in Germany. 7-8 hours more progress now, artist Carlos Torres!
  6. 10 hours now on this piece, more to add!
  7. Nah mine was done 2 years ago by Dmitriy Samohin, this was done recently :)
  8. Lol just happens Den Yakovlev just did my tattoo on someone else, dont know why somebody would want the same tattoo as someone else :) Mines the one on left by the way :)
  9. Knee hurts like fuck! 5 hours on this by Piotr Deadle :)
  10. I had my smokey flower tattoo redone by a world class artist but in a slight colour variation. I got the picture from the internet so I was not angry but I was surprised that another world class artist would do the same tattoo albeit slightly different knowing that my tattoo was out there and by another world class artist. I just didn't think that one of the artists that could pull it off would bother doing it. I think I would feel differently if my custom back piece was copied and I think all custom tattoos should never be touched by another artist. Obviously this will never happen. I was in a studio the other week and a customer brought in that Niki Norberg sleeve picture and asked one of the artists to copy it. Don't understand why someone would want someone else s tattoo (not talking about flash here) lol When he left I asked the artist will he do it and he said he hates it but it pays the bills. Here is my tattoo and the part that was redone :) They do say that copying is the sincerest form of flattery :) He did do an amazing job though!
  11. A little further afield, Miguel Bohigues - Xavier García Boix - TatuajesTattoos - Xavi Garcia Boix Tattoo, Tatuajes, Tatuatges - Valencia, Spain El Monga - Demon tattoo - Henrik - Jaroslav Yarda Snejdar - Tatuajes de Yarda. Realismo, religiosos, flores - ZUK Tattoo Piercing Lleida. Tatuaje, piercing, micropigmentación
  12. Not sure what style you are after but you have also, Laura Juan - Bara - Jee Sayalero -
  13. Hey Cat :)

    They need to change the page saying we will be offline for a few weeks lol

    Well you will find most of them on

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  14. I have total confidence in the artists I visit and I think that is very important. I usually now just say do what you want and I trust i will get some piece of art that's beautiful. The first few I had I did bring lots of pics etc and although they are executed beautifully and I love them, they are and wont be original as others will copy from the same pictures I took from the internet which they are entitled to do as its on the internet. I have learned this to a certain degree but I guess all art has some sort of inspiration from other art. I the same as mmikaoj really didn't like traditional or Japanese, as I grew up with the proper council estate shite tattoos you laugh at on the web. I know also am starting to love some traditional and some stuff by Horitada etc and now having seen and love them and appreciate them more I would if I wasn't covered happily wear something like that, where as before I wouldn't of ever thought it :) Things change :) So I guess for me is most important to get top notch artists. I don't think it matters if you stay with one or get loads from different artists. If they are all top notch they will fit your pieces in. Personally I enjoy the travelling and meeting new people, so for me its an easy option to get art from more artists, rather than just one :)