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  1. It wasn’t noticeable at the time of the tattoo. It didn’t become noticeable until 9 days later. I’m mostly hoping something can be done to save the majority of the tattoo because I actually do like it, but two of the flowers up top have scarring and fading, and then there’s the blowout itself. This artist stays booked because of her usually good work, and it took me years to get on her calendar, so I’m really bummed it turned out like this.
  2. Hello - It’s been about three months now and the tattoo has definitely made progress with healing. The main concern I have is that it wasn’t bruising and unfortunately was a blowout. While I understand that these can’t be “fixed,” I would greatly appreciate feedback on options. As of now, the only thing I can think of is some type of shading to cover the blowout. Also, don’t know if this is pertinent, but it’s most noticeable in dimly lit places. Outside, most people don’t realize the extent of the discoloration. Thanks.
  3. “Looking at it every five minutes won’t speed up the process.” Lol. Of course it won’t, and I realize you’re being sarcastic, but given the placement, it’s really hard not to look at it frequently. And between the blowout, the scarring, and now these dots (each happening at different times thus the multiple calls), I’m not certain if something is clearly going on or if it still has the potential to heal into something that won’t have to be touched up. The tattooer is highly sought after and does great work, but while she believes the blowout is a bruise and not a blowout, even she seems to be perplexed by the dots. That’s why I came here, to see if this had happened to anyone before. For now though, my plan is to wait a few more weeks and hope that it heals up more.
  4. Hello. I’m new to this forum and wanted to post under general tattoo, but it seems like I have to post something under initiation first. So again…hello. I currently have about 16 tattoos, and just recently (almost three weeks ago) had my inner forearm tattooed. Tattoo was beautifully done, but the healing has been a real pain and I’m noticing something that I’ve never experienced before. Aside from some scabbing and unfortunately I think scarring, which has never happened before, I’m also noticing brown dots where the color/shading was. I’ve contacted the studio a couple of times but I’m told that this is part of the healing and to wait. If anyone knows what is going on, your feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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