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  1. This almost looks like road rash. How was your tattoo wrapped afterwards? Some people use saniderm, some use basic cling wrap and tape. Occasionally I've seen cling wrap sealed on the edges with a medical wrap adhesive bandage. Only reason I ask is one time I had a procedure to remove a bc implant in my arm that was wrapped with a medical bandage, to be left on 24 hours. My arm broke out in a rash similar that scabbed up.
  2. Well I continued on with session 2, and changed up my original color plan. I wanted to test out my theory of possibly having a red ink reaction, so I went ahead and allowed one of the smaller butterflies to be pink, and the other red. Low and behold the red one is doing its thing again with heavy plasma and scabbing. Session 3 were supposed to be adding the warmer shades of watercolors into the backdrop. So I'm definitely going to be leaving out red.
  3. The first flower I lost a little color on the petals. Same scabbing experience, but not as severe as this time. I didn't have any abnormal scabbing on the water colors, purple flower, or the leafs mainly just the red shades on the new flower. It may be an over working issue, but I'm pretty nervous to have the rest finished.
  4. This has been the hardest heal I've ever gone through. I sat for a 3 hour session to have more added onto my shoulder cap. I previously had a mild reaction to red ink a few years ago on the top flower. It did scab on one petal, but nothing too severe, and it healed okay with minimal color loss. So I continued on and ended up adding more red. Big mistake! For sure I know he overworked the new area trying to pack the color in there this time. I kept on my wrap for the rest of the day, washed, air dried, and applied a tiny amount of aquaphor. The tattoo was leaking heavy amounts of plasma day 1-2. I kept washing it off and doing my best to prevent scabs from forming. Well day 3 the tattoo became risen and even the smallest amount of water from washing and the aquaphor was causing it to bubble. The forming scabs were sucking up any and all moisture, and literally started looking like a gooey mess. So I switched gears and went into dry heal mode on day 4. The scabbing was super thick, ended up cracking, and became super painful. I kept up on keeping it clean and washed it 3 times a day. So thankfully no infection. Finally the scabs started to dry out and flake off a little at a time, and I'm finally able to apply small amounts of lotion now. I'm on day 10. My skin is going through the dull, cloudy stage. I was expecting the worst given how thick the scabs were. I won't know how exstensive the color loss will be for a few more weeks when it's finally fully healed. Alot of the black lining looks very light and grey. I already know a touch up is needed, but I'm pretty terrified to have red put back in there. We were going to start the backside of my shoulder, and finish up the details next time, but I need to come up with a plan B color wise for any new flowers we add later. I have 10 other tattoos, but this is my only color one. Having this scabbing reaction really sucked.
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