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  1. Interesting points. As for the realism, I want the first character recognizable but made more realistic rather than essentially a sketch. I WANT a degree creativity there. The second element is a moon with clouds reminiscent of a horse. Again, recognizable but much more artistic leeway there. As for the ‘hungry aspect’ I see what you’re saying . But a friend is married to the artist. She’s making an exception in my case to do my tattoo. She usually doesn’t take his friends as clients. My friend just contacted me and he’s taking my idea and making a basic sketch to show her. She accepted when it was a much simpler project. She might bail with the new idea. If she does bail, then I the search will be on for someone who will take these elements and my rough idea and come up with something.
  2. So the tattoo design services are usually a waste of money? Or at least any artist that you find that will agree to use the design will be unable to make a good tattoo by using the design? But your advice IS useful and it jives with other things I have read and heard. A friend may to have to find a new artist here in Japan bc his artist has decided to ‘specialize’ in anime. And if the artist is ‘GOOD’ enough (an extremely subjective term) to attract the number of customers required for said artist to be happy with his/her situation, then I think that not doing anything they don’t like is great. Life is too short to dance with, nope… Life is too short to hunt with an ugly dog.
  3. Or more people should wait until they’re 68 like me. Then even if it looked crappy you could feel ‘Screw it. I’ll be dead soon enough.’
  4. I’m just venturing into tattoos. Have my first scheduled for next month. Wife? Haven’t told her. It’s much like when my Golden Retriever died earlier this year and I decided to get a new pup. She would object. So why bring it up, just bring it home. The tattoo is the same deal. Well, it maybe a bigger deal bc she’s Japanese and we live in Japan, so there is a stigma to deal with. But at 68 I’m too old to give a shit.
  5. Yep, I’m not even doing an unveil. People see it when they see it. I’m doing this for me, not them. My wife has no idea I’m getting a tattoo. Well, maybe she does, she was asking weird questions last night. Tattoos have a certain stigma here in Japan so I doubt that my in-laws will ever know. Of course if I’m changing shirts and they see it, so be it,
  6. In a similar situation. Always thought about getting one but there was nothing I could think of that I would like. But an idea finally occurred to me. I’ve got an appointment for Aug 28th. But my idea was for a single tattoo a bit smaller than a pack of cigarettes. This has evolved into three elements that spans from the top of my shoulder to mid-arm. So does that count as my second tattoo? 😜
  7. On one hand, which is first thing that came to my mind, is correlation doesn’t mean causation. Just because the top players have them does NOT mean that it helps performance. As for not holding them back, it hasn’t held THEM back. Who’s to say it didn’t have a negative impact on others, others for which the tattoo was a mental distraction. That said, confidence most certainly IS a huge factor in sports. I think it was Jack Nicklaus that said “It takes thousands of good shots to build confidence but only one bad shot to destroy it all.” I play golf and the mental game is paramount. I currently use a bracelet made of various stones. I made it myself and the positioning on the stones reminds me of the most important aspects of my swing and helps me visualize my next shot. When I incorporated my mental visualization techniques with the reminders of the bracelet I broke 80 for the first time in about 3 years. So, yeah, I think it’s possible that tattoos help certain players. You’d have to interview them individually to find out though. Myself, I’d consider replacing the bracelet with a tattoo but it might get me excluded from some golf courses, and other establishments, here in Japan.
  8. I’m thinking about something similar, just a bit bigger. And I can’t see (and I emphasize this) any problems with any of the lines.
  9. Here’s a pic of an interesting choice of characters. Too busy for my taste but I do like how the the song Squonk and Entangled were paired together. A really good fit.
  10. For one, the design won’t be an exact copy of the original artwork. Secondly, we’re talking about cover art that is almost 50 years old. What the artist doesn’t know won’t hurt him/her. I would be amazed if any artist would notice the source. As for getting a translator, which would be to avoid the cost of having a tattoo design made, showing pics of cover art would open up questions that the above explanation completely avoided. And unless I have to convey subtle emotions and ideas my Japanese will be good enough.
  11. I’m planning on designing my first tattoo around the music of Genesis. Two songs from A Trick of the Tail (“Squonk” and “Mad Man Moon”). I’ll use the representations of these songs found on the album’s cover art. Then “Burning Rope” from the Then There Were Three album will be represented by a rope connected the Squonk and moon/horse. Something a bit like this, hopefully a bit smaller.
  12. Well, if I can get everything coordinated. I’m 68 and always thought about getting a tattoo, but just thought of anything I’d like. Finally it dawned on me. I live in Japan so there’s going to be a bit of a language barrier. My solution to that is to have the design made ahead of time and then find an artist that can just do to the ink. If anyone is interested in helping me by answering some questions, watch for an upcoming post about my plans and pics of what I want to have done. Well, at least after I can figure out why I can’t anywhere but in this topic.
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