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  1. One of my best buds tattoos out of plattsbugh NY. His name is Andrew Stortz. you should check him out since you live 6 hours south. He travels a lot so you could catch him a little closer i am sure.
  2. mayeb for that second tattoo you should hit up andrew stortz. he will be with jason scott and is from plattsburgh. hes a great tattooer and one of my best friends, cant go wrong
  3. im trying to get a severed head from him at SFO. ill pay the extra money for the convention price to skip the two year waiting list. like you a 1 shoter
  4. so good love just the B&G with red. looks killer
  5. top of the knee isnt bad at all for me it was just the inside of my knee
  6. i got my knee and the inside of my knee recently done. Right on top of the knee isnt so bad, but around it was shit and at the end of 4 hours i was ready to be done.
  7. i just got my shin yesterday. by no means was it unbearable, but that shit fucking hurt
  8. tony hundahl does a mean shark. posted one on instagram a while back
  9. let me laser my neck cause i think i actually want this tattoo on my forehead
  10. This is a good thread. I started with the inner bicep, then i went to the outside of my arm from about shoulder to a couple inches above my elbow. Then i got my chest up to collar bone and a little on my back shoulder blade. Then got my ticep done. (This all on my right arm and chest). by this time i was pretty into tattoos so i decided to get my feet done. both feet, one shot, only way to do it. then i went back up and finished the little spot that was left above my elbow on my arm so i had a sort-of half sleeve. Then i went to my legs and have stayed south since. went calf, outside of my ankle inside just above ,my ankle, thigh, then just recently got the oustide of my thigh from my knee to right under my ass cheek. (this all on my left leg). i plan on finishing my left leg then going and starting and finishing my right before i go back above the waist. I really like the thought that i have a lot of tattoos and none are visible unless i show them. I always get a chuckle when someone only has like 3 or 4 and they go forearm hands or some combo in which they are visible and i reply with i have 12 and they say "i didn't know you had any", makes me know i am into it for the right reason.
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