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  1. I understand what this site is for. I like art and the differences and designs people come up with. I've seen plenty of good and bad. I'm just looking for some basic ideas on paper. Multiple ideas can have different things I wouldn't have thought of. Of course each tattooist will do their own art, but if I can get more sketches here, than driving around forever, why not
  2. I've been thinking of getting a tattoo for years but never like any art I've seen. Guessing this is most people. I do have an idea if someone(s) would be willing drawing a rough draft, for multiple source materials. Aso if you're a tattooist in the Springfield Missouri area, or Davenport Iowa area, and would like to throw me an idea let me know. I'm sure like everyone else, I'm extremely picking about wanting quality work. Ok, so my idea is a skeleton, ribcage mostly, at the bottom of the ocean, some coral, maybe kelp, with an octopus in the ribcage, looking out, upper left side an arm holding onto the skull, center right another arm holding onto a heart. This would prob be a back piece for detail/size. Maybe some color, heart, couple random corals. Any takers on a quick sketch? And takers around those areas to do it and sketch it?
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