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  1. Good, neither have I. I said I'd found conflicting things online regarding keeping it moisturised. I thought this was a forum to discuss tattoos and as a newbie to tattoos I've come on here for a bit of advice, if you've nothing better to do than sending condescending replies, don't bother.
  2. Ah, I might be guilty of the old Aquaphor drowning! Kept finding conflicting stuff online regarding keeping it moisturised, so thanks for that 👍
  3. Hi, had this tattoo for just over 3 weeks now. The scabs have been and gone, and I've noticed there are some white ish bits in some places. I'm aware of the 'milky' stage after scabbing, but the two white bits toward the bottom are lower than the rest of the tattoo like it's missing skin. These were also the last bits to scab, just wondering if this is normal or will need touching up?
  4. My question was regarding certain elements of colours for coloured tattoos being banned as per the EU regulation at the beginning of this year - not just all tattoos in general.
  5. Hi All, was wondering if I could have a bit of advice on the following please... I recently had a tattoo done 3 weeks ago (photo attached in black) and I am thinking of getting another tattoo at some point, except this time in colour around 1.5/2 inches below the initial one. My questions are; 1. Why do I see things regarding the chemicals in colours not being safe, is there any truth to that? (I live in the UK if that makes any difference) 2. I don't plan on rushing into it, but how long ideally should I wait with the 2nd tattoo being very close to 1st? 3. Is the healing time longer for coloured tattoos? I've heard it takes 4-6 weeks for initial healing rather than the (generally speaking) 2-3 weeks for black. Thank you very much to any responses in advance!
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