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  1. Thanks for the reply, I've definitely not been picking at it. In fact the itching has been very minimal so haven't had the urge to scratch/pick at it. Will the skin in that area grow back and smoothen itself out?
  2. Hi all, I've got a fresh tattoo (5 days old) now. I can start to see areas of the tattoo flaking and peeling which seems normal, however I have areas of the tattoo which doesn't exactly look like peeling...it seems like it has peeled too early and I can see bright ink. Is this what is referred to as "scabbing"? or is this something else? It isn't full of puss or wet, its pretty dry which makes me think its not infected. It seems like the top layer of skin in these areas has just come of. I'm a total tattoo noob and haven't found much answers online (mainly because I don't know what this is called to google) so apologies for this. See pictures with red circles. Picture without red circle is what I think is normal peeling. Thanks all!
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