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  1. LOL - he is indeed, essentially, a piece of spinach with a face - that's what a green man is :).
  2. Which is exactly why I was curious about specific critiques - I was curious to see if those who disliked it had issues with the technical execution or the style. I also find it difficult, if not impossible, to judge any artist on one piece - tattoo or otherwise. Everyone has an off day now and then, and on the flip side anyone can strike gold occasionally.
  3. I appreciate your honesty. You didn't say much that I hadn't already thought - although the lips are precisely what I gave him in my reference pic. I posted her here wondering if someone would call me/Kevin out on the shading, or if I was being as overly sensitive as my wife said I was :). Personally, I adore her hair, crown, and the eyes are also precisely what I gave him in the reference and I dig them. The nose, mouth, and lower face shading bug me. Oddly, looking back at my reference pic the nose matches it precisely, but I had him leave out some markings from the pic and that makes all the difference. I've mostly decided to see how I feel when she heals, as the pic was taken less then 5 minutes after he was done, and full size the pic is slightly larger than the actual tattoo. The shading does seem to be settling in somewhat. I've ben thrilled with my previous work from him. I'm not as heavily tattooed as most here, and of the 15 I have Kevin's done 10 of them. I tend to go outside of the norm, and am not the fan of trad work that many here are, at least on me. Still, I agree that she could have been better stylistically, but I do overall like her - she captures the overall feel of what I wanted, and from the distance at which most people would see her she looks better than an up close pic. Just for the hell of it, here's another pic of my green man from Kevin, now healed - still doesn't capture the actual vibrance of the colors, but overall I adore this tattoo, and am interested in the honest opinions of it.
  4. I'm curious to hear your issues with this piece (or my previous green man, if you're including him).
  5. I believe I'd get that checked out pretty quickly, doesn't look like normal healing that I'd ever seen.
  6. So I already had an appointment today, which turned out to be a coincidence since my Facebook memory this morning was my very first tattoo - 8 years ago today :). Saw my man Kevin at Mothers in Erlanger KY again today and got this goddess to go with my green man...
  7. Haven't been around for a bit...just got this Green Man from Kevin Brandenburg at Mothers Tattoo in Elsmere KY on Friday, this was the "4 seconds after he finished" pic
  8. Dave's the guitarist for Jane's Addiction - WTF do the Foo Fighters have to do with anything here??
  9. I prefer no fill - makes the individual pieces stand out more. If there must be fill, I vote for stars/dots.
  10. I got my first two done here, I love the look of the shop
  11. Well, I made it 42 and a half years before my first, then got 4 in just under a year. Longest since the first is 6 months. I'm not likely to get tattooed during a season when I might swim. I like to swim.
  12. I'm with Deb. I was at my Doctor's office yesterday, and his assistant started discussing tattoos when she was taking my blood pressure and saw mine. She showed me her latest, which was some mediocre script, so I nodded and smiled. She asked who had done mine, and I told her. She mentioned the artist who had done hers, a local with a pretty poor reputation, saying "He's CHEAP" as if it were high praise. If price is the prime motivator, and she's happy with the work, who am I to say it's crap? Now, if anyone asks my opinion on said artist before going top see him, I'll happily inform them that his work sucks donkey balls and you get what you pay for.
  13. That article just points out how screwed up the priorities of the corporate world are.
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