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  1. seen ghoul a few months ago with gwar in frisco -they were pretty cool-thrashin hard.
  2. I need work out! good ol asthma can really put a damper on it thoe.
  3. cable tv is pretty much worthless repeated crap should be free! I still remember when you paid for it ,,there were no commercials. know its swamped with them like free tv. get neflix its all ya need!
  4. fuckin scumbags!I have to check if any of my stuff is up there
  5. cool old school flash ,lol! I sure you will get some lead bellys to get those, are they going for 13$?
  6. haah the new adam sandler movie -"thats my boy" has a dude tattooed with new kids on the block on his whole back when he was in the 3rd grade and it all out of shape now-ya got to to see the preview-funny shit!
  7. anything thrash gets me thru building or tattooing.!
  8. who knows it might be that way in the future-alot of tattooers have guys taking photos for them now and submitting them to mags,shows etc.
  9. Howdy all! found this forum and was going over it and it seems like a pretty cool place.Hope to have a good time here and add to that good time!:)
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