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  1. Totally agree with all of you; the weird thing is that he only used it twice... I use it often. Sometimes Lubriderm.. Whatever I have on hand. I keep teasing him that he is a sensitive kind of guy...with daggers and skulls on his arms. Today is the first day when we can see signs of healing. It is scabbing well. The tattoo looks perfect; it is mainly around it. I personnally think he babied it too much; i am more of a leave it alone kind of gal...
  2. Just was inquiring had anything like this happen or heard of it; hubby and I just had more tattoos done. Mine healed just fine with those products ( cream and foam). Hubby used them in the past just fine. But this time his lower arm is just a huge rash, quite painful. Thank God his tattoo did not discolor or anything ( fleur de lys and dagger). But the doctor thinks it is an allergic reaction to those products... Will take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to heal ( some of the sores were bleeding..). Just buyer beware..,,
  3. I know... I put the "class" in "classy".... Hell no!!! Seriously, his mother was horrified! She informed me that her son was not like this before he met me. We have been together since 1984... You would think she would get over it?????? I am a bad influence!
  4. Well, we work in Windsor ontario. Guess what they have here? Wiser distillery ( hiram walker is niw own by french investors) So i went with something more exotic lol. But you are welcome to visit that place! It is very classy, with huge brass and wooden doors , and i heard the tastings are out of this world.
  5. Did it! Got Highland Park 12 , (65.00), not too bad. 2 special glasses (10.00) did not know i needed those but the lady said it was a must.... Paid for the tattoo 350.00....yikes. But his smile? Priceless.... Between grunts while the outline is bring done!!!! Thanks to everyone for your help. I pulled it off! And i am broke until next pay day......
  6. " I think I paid $20 for a single measure of it...absolutely gorgeous stuff." Must have been great! But maybe for his 50th. And no tattoo to go along! I think my LCBO has the first you mentioned... I will go check. A lot of people here know their stuff! I just posted as a last resort... Should have done this sooner!
  7. Did ask the LCBO lady; but not much help. I a going to go back tomorrow with my phone in my hand to consult all the names you gave me. I should have said my budget: not more than 150.00..... His tattoo is making a huge dent in my budget. But i saved since last june for this. He is the kind of guy that always give to me or the kids; its his turn for once....
  8. The only one he tried is Crown Royal..... But i really want to get him something special. Bourbon you say? Like what charlie harper drinks in 2 and half man??? Lol. Sounds luxurious and decadent! Maybe what brand?
  9. Well, hubby turning 46 thursday. Got his apt made after school for his new tattoo , so he is spending all evening thursday at the shop getting this done. I wanted to surprise him there with a good bottle of scotch or whiskey, but when i went to the liquor store there was at least 30 brands. Which one do you recommend? Any ideas out there? Do not know where to start!
  10. We got warnings as well to be prepare and that we should get hit; now if you google Leamington Ontario Tornado, you should be able to see what we have been through before. So unless this storm takes down my remaining trees, my roof and my 6 foot fence, i will still do better than that night. Got the wine, candles and food ready. And that stupid blanket with sleeve that everybody made fun of but that is so dam cozy.....
  11. We are getting counselling, through a private agency at work, to understand. She will see her counsellor every 2 days, plus go back to the center if she does not feel solid enough. We have learned a lot, and we feel priviledge that so many people took the time to share their stories with us. Stéphanie ( her name) is worth everything to us. We are aware of our faults as well; we were not always there for her; niw we are, but in a good way. And we continue learning about all this hortible illnesss which is addiction. Thanks to all postings and private messages; we sincerely thank you.
  12. UPDATE:After 4 weeks in rehab, she is coming home Monday. We went to the private sector, and i am so scared of her coming back. She is home Monday morning, and sees a councillor Monday night, and this every 2 days for a while. Not to complain, but the month cost a 13 000.00 they say you cant put a price on your kids, but fuck i am... And i dont curse usually. May as well laugh it off; she got private room, nutritionist to help her gain weight, psychotherapy, massages ( when they come down from crack their spine hurts so i heard..). We have Kraft Dinner 3 times a week....,but with wine.
  13. I joined this forum because people are open minded and don't judge. Get a grip, and just don't read the thread. Just saying.... Man, feel like i'm talking to my 15 year old....
  14. I am a grade 8 teacher ( for 24 years), am 45 years old, 3 kids, have 2 tattoos so far, working on third. 7 piercings. Married for 24 years. In my free time, i work with rescued animals. Love horses ( owned 5 now downsized), 2 dogs, cat. And yes works with Peta every chance i get; please dont attack me on this.... People have a tendency to do that a lot lol. I am vegan, and currently am working on a cookbook for carnivores who would like to give vegan food a try!!! I do curse a lot.... But not here. I am a good girl here...lmao
  15. Brock.... Lets switch places; my teenage son and daughter are having friends over. A bunch of 15 and 16 year old screaming and listening to crappy music....if i hear Bieber or "Call me maybe "one more time i will scream.
  16. Just love the idea, and i regret i did not think about it myself. First, my regrets for your father. I let my husband adopt another f&$&&! dog. We are vegans, but this doesn't mean every animal has to stay with us. I regret saying yes ( dont have decent shoes... Full of slobber.... Damn labrador!!!) I drank too much wine this past week and told my husband he could adopt a cat from the humane society; 160$ later, the thing is coughing up furballs all over the house. I regret it so damn much!!!! Thats all. I think. Oh, and i ate a pint if cookie dough ice cream. I regret that. Should have had 2.
  17. David.... Unless you go by the name of Stewart you did not offend me one little bit. I actually liked what you wrote.... You express your opinions quite well ( which i admire since i am trying to learn the language and all..). My artist does the tattoos, his wife the piercings. Very talented people. Scary a little, but they laugh at my accent and make me repeat things all the time. Merde....
  18. Very sorry i started a thread that offended some people... Dick, is it? Btw, just dont answer if you are not pleased with the topic. This is for the random forum posts; being French i might be confused by your expertise..., i do not understand all your big words... And yes by nature i am obnoxious, before you even say so. So 1997...wow. Quite a comeback...
  19. Dh and i are addicted to tattos; we are getting new ones again for our birthdays next month. And now, since at the shop, his wife certified in piercings, guess what we started??????? Anyone else have piercings? And if not too personal, where???? So far, nose and ears...
  20. I had a little kid run over to me at the gas tank while i was filling the bike and just touched my arm. Dont know why, but that kid got to me. And i do get a lot of wow , hugs and touching my arm on the playground where i teach from the younger kids. They just dont care, and love the colors. So for the terry fox walk ( walk for a cure for cancer in canada) i got a bunch of water tattoos of him. I will hand them out tomorrow at the event. Cant wait to see their face! I am a softy way way way down deep....
  21. ... When for valentine's day your husband gives you a gift certificate to the tat shop instead of roses. Awwwwww ( real by the way!)
  22. Thanks for the advice, kev. But the 2 guard dogs and the sign "we dont call 911" should help. Or the bikes. Or my neighbours who have the same sign at their door... Not too bad; still have a sense of humor. Went biking and opened a bottle of wine. Should be even wittier after glass # 3.... :)
  23. UPDATE: well, i am losing my daughter today. She is getting her stuff out of the house. I took a lot of the advices given, went into therapy myself with hubby, offered her several options , all expensive since private centers and specialized. She told us to f@@ck off and stay out of it. She since then lost her job; while both teaching full time, we have spent nights out with the OPP , friends, looking for her at dealer's houses when she disappeared for days. There is nothing like watching hubby telling a dealer with the cops that all he wants is his daughter. She is 21, so nothing can be done. I am salvaging whatever sanity is left with my family and she is going to live with a friend of hers. But as soon as she is gone we are taking the bikes and go riding like bats out of hell to get the anger out.... Thats my true therapy. Please have thoughts for her. Or her.
  24. Oh my!!! CG.... How cynical... But ever heard of a shovel? And i live by the lake, close to the Detroit River.... Many ciment blocs are at the bottom of that , or so i heard....lol Never pointed a firearm at anyone; dont know what it would feel like. But hubby has; we had a farm and some religious pamphlet carrier freak just walked in the house. DH was cleaning his gun and just was so surprised that he pointed the gun andcalmly told the guy to come outside with him. Nothing against religion, but walking in in a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere? Not a good idea... Never saw him again. Believe he was a horse thief snooping around, but just my theory...,
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