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  1. buy the 22"x30" sheets and cut them into quarters you silly billy
  2. looks like teddy went to that dr. tat off guy that was posting here to get the shitty swallow off his neck... coincidence? Probably. Probably a coincidence.
  3. Honestly I didn't know much about DeVita before, and thru the first three episodes I was just thinking to myself "yeah this guy's got a lot of history and a personality and is way different, but what's all the hubbub about?" Then I watched this one. And I got it. Oh man words cannot describe
  4. @Iwar Chad's fast, eh? I got a shin tattoo from him at SFO this weekend, every piece i've seen from him healed solid like paint
  5. well it's in asheville, about 4 hours out but Danny Reed at Hot Stuff is awesome.. I would make the trip for sure
  6. Also @Our Endless Days your blog has put me on to more awesome tattooers and dope flash than I can count, so thank you for that. There isn't really that much of a parallel between the two blogs as far as I can see :)
  7. @Our Endless Days I don't think this lady has much of an idea of the level of commitment it takes to be a great tattooer quite yet. She's just getting her feet wet, and once she realizes the amount of work it takes to even get decent, she would probably change her tune.. She's in her mid 30's, so she's probably somewhat set in her ways, and definitely late getting into the game, so her mindset's probably not in the right place yet.. but there will come a time where she'll realize what she has to do, or maybe not, and she can call herself a jack of many trades and a master of none.. just as a
  8. it's all good, I think it might have to do with them taking it more as a job than a lifestyle.. I mean I hate using that word, but i feel like those folks just come in, put on some gloves and go to work, and when they go home they leave it there.. I know when i was working jobs i didn't have much interest in I was pretty much the same way
  9. I meant as in the less tattoos the tattooers in the shop have, the less receptive they are. sorry if that was unclear
  10. that's genius! if they just had the tattooing parts i bet you could get one or two decent episodes per season
  11. Yeah a homie of mine went in there and got a pretty cold shoulder, said it wasn't exactly a walk in type of shop.. I see that a lot with the shops around here, the less tattoos the folks at the shop have, the less receptive they seem to be.. Just my two cents though
  12. @Lance i got the warrior print today, and it's still blowing my mind.. so rad
  13. Just got back after a quick stop in, awesome (giclee, i think) prints for sale, definitely going back tomorrow oh and pretty much everybody guesting there were taking walk ins, so if anybody wants to help me rob a bank tonight, just message me and don't tell the cops.
  14. Yeah no jokes, I'll stop by there today and see what the dealio's gonna be
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