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  1. That Lehi Tiger / Snake on your back says otherwise... - - - Updated - - - That Lehi Tiger / Snake on your back says otherwise...
  2. Spider webs! Spider webs everywhere! Get Cheyenne to do 'em! - - - Updated - - - Spider webs! Spider webs everywhere! Get Cheyenne to do 'em!
  3. In two weeks, I'm heading down to San Francisco / Oakland to get tattooed by Scott Sylvia and by Freddy Corbin again. I'm pretty pumped about it to say the least.
  4. Hehe. Yeah, man! You've still gotta make that happen!
  5. Matt's easily one of my favourite people I've met through tattooing. I'm so happy that this video exists and highlights what a rad dude and amazing tattooer he is. He's definitely a unique / entertaining character, but I'm proud to call him a friend.
  6. My new record was just released today! I worked pretty hard on it, so I hope you guys like it! https://withwolves.bandcamp.com/
  7. I'm getting tattooed by Eddy Deutsche on Saturday. I can't wait!
  8. I'm on a roll lately... I just booked an appointment with Eddy Deutsche for mid-June!
  9. Totally. Me too. I have no idea what it'll be, either. I'm pretty much giving him free reign to go nuts. It'll probably be insane. :)
  10. Thanks, dude! I'm keeping my fingers tightly crossed, and (knock on wood) everything seems to be progressing smoothly so far.
  11. I'm getting tattooed by Jef Whitehead in 3 weeks...
  12. I'm heading down to San Francisco on Friday for work to attend the Game Developers Conference next week. Obviously, since it's San Francisco and it's the best city ever, I'm extending my trip a bit on each end to hang. I'm getting tattooed by Freddy Corbin on Tuesday evening, and it's looking like Tim Lehi may be able to squeeze me in this Sunday if all goes well (fingers crossed)! I'm sure it will be a cool time.
  13. Jake's an awesome dude and a great tattooer. Everyone should get tattooed by him.
  14. Thanks so much, @KBeee! I'm definitely not bummed to have to look at them every day. :) Thomas Hooper really knocked it out of the park, in my opinion, and I'm honoured to wear 'em on my paws.
  15. Trevor's a great dude, and a great tattooer. Looks awesome!
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