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  1. Vinnie Stone's Sinsin Tattoo shop in Antwerp . https://instagram.com/sinsintattoo/
  2. Well it's criminal that Alex Binnie isn't here ! Alex Binnie | Heartbeatink Tattoo Magazine There's so many great artists in this country check out some of my favourites Ian Flower https://instagram.com/ianflowernst/?hl=en Duncan X https://instagram.com/duncanxtattoos/ Tomas Tomas https://instagram.com/tomastomas108/?hl=en Valerie Vargas https://instagram.com/valeriemodernclassic/ Stewart Robson https://instagram.com/stewart_modernclassic/?hl=en Bradley Tompkins https://instagram.com/bradleytompkins/?hl=en Curly Moore https://instagram.com/curlytattoo/ Alex Reinke https://instagram.com/horikitsune/?hl=en Jimmie Tatts https://instagram.com/jimmiebss/?hl=en Lee Knight https://instagram.com/lmknight/?hl=en I'm also a fan of Claudia De Sabe's , Richie Clark and Jordan Teear but they have been mentioned already .
  3. Here's a great old picture of Dangerous Dan , Randy Adams , Jumbo , Gil Montie and Freddie Negrete guarding the shop during the L.A. riots . Freddie Negrete is the man but until recently I didn't know he is in one of my favourite movies " Blood In Blood out " looking hench no less as well . Freddies at 5 .28 if you're in a hurry .
  4. These amazing photographs illustrate members of New Zealand's Mongrel Mob . These Stunning Photos of New Zealand's Largest Gang Will Give You Sleepless Nights | VICE | Australia / NZ
  5. Jack Rudy on Tattoos' Stigma and Why It's Good They Hurt | OC Weekly
  6. @Rad Kelham Invalid link is all I'm getting .
  7. Hi @Beans yes I had Fibromyalga from around 2000 to 2012 / 13 . As far as getting tattooed I found the tattooing process probably a little easier as I was so used to feeling uncomfortable most of the time with the condition . Mentally tattoos also helped me because looking at them and finding out about the history etc gave my brain a break from Fibro and allowed me to focus on something each and every day that I really enjoyed which didn't wipe me out totally like most of the other activities I had previously loved . Particulary I think this site helped me a lot too so stick around and I hope you get out of it what I have .
  8. @ThatGuy I just spotted Martin Robson on the Living Art instagram page if you like traditional you should definitely get tattooed by him . He's English but for many years lived in the states working for people like Cliff Raven , Henry Goldfield , Good Time Charlie and Bob Roberts at Spotlight and in the words of Ed Hardy " Nobody tattoos Bob Roberts style better than Martin Robson , not even Bob Roberts " When he tattooed me I was completely blown away by his portfolio if you scroll down to the black & white sketchbook drawings on the insta page you will see what I mean .
  9. The awesome Theo Jak is at Infamous Tattoo Rudy Fritsch guests there too I believe Infamous Studio https://instagram.com/infamousstudiotattoo/ Drew Horner's Living Art Tattoo https://instagram.com/drewhorner/
  10. Voted and it was worth it just to see Graeme's face :)
  11. 45 years ago today Black Sabbath released their eponymous debut album .
  12. Pretty sure that ^ belongs to @asradin who has lots of stuff from Stewart .
  13. So much this ^ . All my new stuff is from recommendations in the metalheads thread so thanks to all of you who post in there ! Here's my very short list . YOB Clearing the path to ascend EYEHATEGOD Eyehategod Electric Wizard Time to die
  14. @9Years That's blatantly a @Stewart Robson tattoo I muttered to myself before I'd even scrolled to your description .
  15. Have a look at this thread also http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/tattoo-advice/4046-walk-berlin.html
  16. The X man cometh go follow duncanxtattoos on instagram .
  17. @ThatGuy Tiger and Snake , Eagle and Snake , or Cap Coleman stylee Dragon .
  18. The two Osen books look really amazing from what I've seen of his work .
  19. Vintage Tattoos by Carol Clerk is another thats really affordable and a great place to start . Here's what I have Horiyoshi III by Grime and Horitaka Tattootime: Art from the heart (original ) Tattootime : Music and Sea (original ) Bulls -Eyes and Black Eyes ( Malone / Hardy ) Tattooing the Invisible Man ( Hardy ) Nihon Dentou Shisei vol 2 ( Tattoo Burst Japan ) Cosmic Mook vol 4 ( Japan ) You call this Art a Greg Irons retrospective Sailor Jerry Collins American Tattoo Master Stoney Knows How Shienrenjo Ozuma Kaname Vintage Tattoos Carol Clerk . There's so many great books out there funds permitting I would have many more .
  20. Schott do several slim fitting versions also .
  21. Best military jackets you can get are from The Real McCoy's , Buzz Rickson and John Lofgren - all Japanese companies specialising in this stuff , super good and super pricey just depends on where you live and how much you are willing to spend . The Real McCoy's - Superdenim Buzz Ricksons Europe - Jackets Otherwise deadstock originals come up on e-bay from time to time although people are asking silly money now probably a lot less pricey if you are in the U.S .
  22. Uncle Acid first single off the upcoming album .
  23. Don't worry be happy was a number one jam Damn if I say it you can slap me right here
  24. You're welcome mate here's some more that are worth a look . Info & Sale – Docklands Speed Shop: Builds, Repairs & Modifies British Motorcycles This is a blog but has some great pics from Triumph runs in Japan http://triumphriot.blogspot.co.uk/
  25. @Mick Weder don't know if you are familiar with Barons Speed Shop here in sunny England but they are probably the most renown lads for classic Triumph builds in the U.K. The Baron's Speed Shop | 01689 638733 Stateside check out The Factory Metalworks . www.thefactorymetalworks.com
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